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What is .Net Development?

.NET development refers to the use of the .NET framework to build apps. This framework provides languages, libraries, and tools that support high-performance and scalable software development.

The .NET platform offers many features, such as security, portability, and toll support. Thus, it has become more and more popular among developers. According to a survey by Statista, about 25.3% of respondents used the .NET framework (5+), while about 17% of them used the .NET framework (1.0 - 4.8).

Businesses and startups in Switzerland and Germany have joined the game. They opt for exceptional .NET development services to build powerful apps that can run natively on different operating systems. By accessing external services, they can work with talented .NET developers to drive their business success.

Partner with a Leading .NET Development Company In Switzerland

STS Software GmbH is a leading dot NET development company in Switzerland. Our team gathers expert .NET developers who master advanced technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing to deliver custom .NET development services.

At STS Software GmbH, you can optimize your resources with our cost-effective solutions. Plus, our streamlined processes enable us to execute your projects quickly. This increased speed is what you need to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic market.

Ready to experience the difference? Keep scrolling down! Right here, you will discover how our .NET development services set your business apart.

Partner with a Leading Swiss .NET Development Company

Our Custom .NET Development Services

STS Software GmbH offers a wide range of .NET application development services. We always try to build custom .NET apps to meet specific business needs. Let's have a look at what we provide:

Business Analysis and Project Management Services

Business Analysis and Project Management

To ensure your success, we stick to a comprehensive BA process. We start your .NET application project by gathering requirements, defining user stories, and conducting feasibility studies. As the project runs, our skilled project managers utilize industry-leading methodologies and tools to create efficient plans. We can also allocate resources and mitigate potential threats effectively.

.NET Web Application Development Services

.NET Web Application Development

STS Software GmbH provides top-notch ASP.NET development services. We have built modern, interactive, custom, and scalable web apps for businesses in Switzerland and Germany for a long time. Our secret weapons are advanced .NET framework and technologies, including MVC (Model-View-Controller), Razer Pages, Blazor, Real-time app (SignalR), and Web API.

.NET Desktop Application Development Services

.NET Desktop Application Development

We can be your partner if you want to build desktop apps for Linux, macOS, or Windows. Our .NET desktop application development services help you master this game. We excel in creating Windows desktop apps using Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with .NET, Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

.NET Mobile App Development Services

.NET Mobile App Development

Our .NET Core development services ensure your apps can run smoothly on different operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS. We use .NET Core and Xamarin for your .NET mobile app development projects. Whether you need native or cross-platform mobile apps, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

UX UI Design Services

UX UI Design

Every UX UI design specialist in our team has deep expertise in various .NET development framework solutions. Our user-centered design process aims to create intuitive UIs for your web, cloud, and mobile apps. Working with us, you can get attractive designs to catch your audience's attention successfully.

cloud app development services

Cloud Application Development

Cloud computing is on the rise, and we follow the trend. Our .NET development services include building cloud apps with AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. We ensure that the final products are fast to run, easy to maintain, and adaptable to your changing business needs.

Integration and API Development Services

Integration And API Development

STS Software GmbH can integrate .NET applications with APIs, databases, CRMs, and ERPs. Our integration architects are proficient in .NET API development and .NET integration. We guarantee your .NET apps can communicate effectively with databases and third-party systems. So, choose us, and you can enhance the functionality of your apps.

Dot Net Migration And Modernization Services

Dot Net Migration and Modernization

Our migration and modernization services are high-quality because we have experienced cloud consultants, DevOps engineers, and .NET developers. We work diligently to seamlessly migrate .NET applications to clouds on GCP, Azure, and AWS. In terms of modernization, we cover architecture and tech stack updates, security enhancement, and performance improvement. We also help improve UI/UX and add CI/CD.

.NET Enterprise Application Development Services

.NET Enterprise Application Development

STS Software GmbH is famous for enterprise .NET development services, too. We build enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM, BI solution, business intelligence tool, dashboard, and portal applications. With our expertise in the industry, we deliver efficient solutions that maximize your business productivity and growth.

.NET Application Testing Services

Testing and QA

We are proud of our experienced testing team and QA experts. At STS Software GmbH, you can perform various types of testing, such as usability, performance, functional, security, and exploratory. After our tests, you will be confident about the quality of your app. It's the best way to satisfy and attract new users.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance Services

Ongoing Support and Maintain

Ongoing support and maintenance are part of our .NET development services. After deployment, we keep working to help you whenever you need. More specifically, we optimize the app's performance, update security, and review code. We even offer backups and disaster recovery to deal with unexpected issues.

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Our skilled team can upgrade your .NET development project and offer continuous support for your long-term growth. Contact us now to discuss your needs!

Benefits Of .NET Development

.NET offers various benefits in terms of performance, versatility, and many more. Those features can ultimately save development effort and time.

High Performance

High Performance

You can develop high-performance apps with the assistance of .NET Core frameworks. Your products will then provide faster response times while requiring less computing power. As a result, you can enhance user satisfaction. In the future, if your business has increasing demands on the app's performance, you can handle it with ease.

Open Source And Cross-Platform Development

Open Source & Cross-Platform Development

.NET is open source and managed under the .NET foundation. Hence, dot NET development fosters collaboration within a vibrant developer community. You may also value .NET's cross-platform capabilities. It means you can use the framework to build mobile apps that run on Windows, Android, and iOS. Similarly, enterprise server apps developed with .NET can work on Linux and Windows. You can even come up with high-scale microservices in the cloud.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Support

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Support

Thanks to its powerful tools and features, IDE can streamline the coding process. For example, Visual Studio offers coding tools for Microsoft NET development. Visual Studio Code is another excellent choice as it provides built-in support for code navigation and understanding.



Issues like cross-site request forgery (CSRF), cross-site scripting (XSS), and SQL injection attacks may happen to your apps anytime. Dot NET development deals with this issue by following security practices and regular updates. This approach to security enhances trust and protects your information.

Language Versatility

Language Versatility

Another benefit of .NET software development is language versatility. The framework supports various programming languages, such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic.NET. This high level of flexibility allows .NET developers to choose the one that best suits their projects.

Extensive Framework And Libraries

Extensive Framework And Libraries

.NET environment comes with extensive resources. They enhance productivity and accelerate your .NET projects. All you need to do is to choose which libraries and tools work best for your requirements. Here is what you can get:

  • Ooui (small cross-platform UI library for .NET)
  • SharpLang (.NET (MSIL) compiler frontend for LLVM)
  • Nuget packages
  • Visual Studio Marketplace
  • ASP.NET core framework
Integration With Other Microsoft Technologies

Integration With Other Microsoft Technologies

Another great thing about .NET development is that it seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft technologies. They allow for comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Your options include the following:

  • SQL Server: For controlling data storage
  • Active Directory: For storing user information and managing permissions
  • Azure cloud services: For building, running, and managing apps across multiple clouds
  • SharePoint: For sharing data and automating business processes

Why Should You Choose STS Software GmbH As A Trusted .NET Development Company?

If you struggle with your .NET development project, choose STS Software GmbH to accompany you on this journey. Here is why we stand out as your ultimate choice:

  • We have top dot NET developers in Switzerland.
  • We are Switzerland's leading .NET software development company with more than 12 years of experience in C# and .NET programming.
  • Our cost-effective dot NET development services can optimize your investment.
  • You can access advanced technologies like .NET frameworks, .NET tools, and .NET platforms.
  • We give you multiple hiring models to outsource .NET development. You can choose from IT staff augmentation, full .NET project outsourcing, and dedicated .NET team.
  • We follow effective project management methodologies like Agile and Scrum.
  • Our ISO certifications (ISO27001 for information security and ISO9001 for quality management) ensure our commitment to quality and security.
  • Security is our top priority, and that's why we use Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your sensitive data.
  • Other advanced technologies like cloud-based, AI, ML, and blockchain are part of our success and excellence.
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STS Software GmbH leading .net development company in Switzerland

Our Hiring Models in .NET Development

STS Software GmbH prioritizes your satisfaction. Thus, we provide different flexible hiring models for outsourcing .NET development.

Dedicated .NET Development Team

In this model, STS Software GmbH will set up an external team that works as an integrated part of your company. Each dedicated .NET developer in the team has specialized skills to deliver high-quality outcomes. Then, you can ensure a unified workflow for your complicated projects.

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Staff Augmentation with .NET Developers

Staff augmentation lets you bridge skill gaps and enhance your existing team's capabilities with STS Software GmbH's experienced .NET developers. We handle the recruitment and management, allowing you to focus on project success. This cost-effective approach fulfills your specific project requirements for a defined timeframe.

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Full .NET Project Outsourcing

You can outsource the entire .NET development project to our team. STS Software GmbH offers custom net development services catering to your needs. Partnering with us, you won't have to worry about anything because we cover the whole process from start to end.

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Skills That Power Our .NET Application Development Services

Frameworks & Languages

We provide a solid foundation for building efficient apps. To nail this task, we work with:

.net framework
.net core
asp.net webforms
asp.net core
asp.net core
windows forms


We excel in frontend development using React, Jquery, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, WPF, and UWP. These tools are perfect for building dynamic and responsive user interfaces.

vue js


Data is an integral part of your app. To deal with it, we guarantee effective data management with technologies like MS-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase, and ElasticSearch.



STS Software GmbH deploys apps seamlessly across AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes. This way, we can ensure reliability.



We focus on designing apps with modern architectures, such as MVC, Microservices, MVP, and MVVM

asp .net mvc

MS Products

STS Software GmbH takes full advantage of MS products. Working with us, you will have a chance to access Sharepoint, Office 365, and Power BI.



Memcached and Redis are our favorite testing tools. They help with robust testing to ensure optimal performance.


Project Management Tools

STS Software GmbH is famous for effective project management. We use tools like Slack and Trello to handle the whole process.


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Our .NET Development Projects

Bitwin International Project


Bitwin International offers a secure platform for players and distributors to manage assets, optimize sales strategies, and foster a trustworthy marketing environment. We developed this platform using .NET Core 2, jQuery DataTable, and other advanced technologies.

Individual Tax System Project


Optimize tax management with comprehensive solution featuring CRM integration, IRAS integration, permission support, tax questionnaires, and computation. To develop the ITS - Individual Tax System, we utilized .NET Core 2, jQuery DataTable, Entity Framework Core 2, along with other advanced technologies.

Merit Logistics ODC Project


STS Software GmbH assists Merit Logistic in maintaining, developing, and modernizing an outdated and cumbersome ERP system. We leverage .NET Core, React JS, AWS, and other advanced technologies to achieve this.


Our Custom .NET Development Services in Various Industries

STS Software GmbH has worked in a wide range of industries. Our expertise and experience ensure that we can solve specific problems you may face in your own niche.

Transportation and Logistics



Banking and Finance


Business Software Development


There are several differences between .NET and .NET Core, such as:

  • Open-source: While the .NET core is open- source, its original .NET framework version is not.
  • Cross-platform: Your .NET Core application can run smoothly on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Meanwhile, the .NET framework apps only work on Windows.
  • Modularity: .NET Core comes with a modular architecture. On the contrary, .NET offers a more extensive set of libraries.
  • Modern Development: .NET Core is known for modern development practices, such as containerization with Docker and cloud deployment. Although .NET supports those practices, .NET Core is optimized for them.

Yes. This framework is an excellent choice for developing serverless apps using AWS Lambda or Azure Functions with custom runtimes.

The most widely used architecture patterns in .NET development are:

  • Backend: Multi-tenancy, Microservices, Serverless, CQRS, Headless (Decoupled), and DDD.
  • Frontend: MVC, Micro-frontends, MVVM, PWA, Reactive, and SPA.

You can choose the best solution for your project after considering the project requirements. It would be nice to discuss this with STS Software GmbH. Our experienced .NET developers will learn your needs and help you choose the most suitable patterns.

The cost to develop a .NET app varies from $2,000 to $25,000. It depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Application complexity
  • Project size and scope
  • .NET development team
  • Development model

If you want to optimize your investment, we can help. Our .NET development services offer cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.

If you want to build simple apps, it may take two to three months. The time needed for medium apps can be from four to eight months. And if you have a plan for complex enterprise apps, you need one year or more. STS Software GmbH offers MVP development services to accelerate time-to-market. Combined with the Agile development approach, the MVP allows quicker adjustment and feedback. Ultimately, you can develop a powerful .NET app.

It depends on the hiring model. For example, if you choose the dedicated .NET development team, you will manage the project. On the other hand, if you go for full outsourcing .NET development, our project manager will be responsible for this task.

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