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What is Software Testing?

Software testing refers to the process of checking if a software application or product is working as expected. This process aims to prevent bugs and optimize software performance. Software testing is a vital stage of any software development procedure. If there are any errors and bugs in the software, this step helps identify and fix them early to avoid further consequences. A correctly tested product can ensure security, high performance, and reliability, leading to customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

STS Software GmBH - Leading software testing company in Switzerland

When it comes to software testing services, STS Software GmbH stands out as a popular choice. We offer affordable solutions, modern tools, and a commitment to deliver top-notch experience for our clients. Moreover, as an experienced software testing company, we have deep understanding in various industries that guarantee outstanding services for businesses of all sizes.

Software Testing Services We Offer

STS Software GmbH provides an extensive list of software testing services to ensure you can find the best solution for your needs. Let's scroll down each option to see what we exactly offer.

Manual Testing

We provide comprehensive manual software testing services to ensure the quality of your software. Our testing team deals well with ad-hoc, security, exploratory, acceptance, installation, localization, compatibility, and error testing. You can be confident that your software will perform seamlessly across different environments.

Automation Testing

We streamline the testing process to enhance the efficiency of your software. Our automated testing services start with developing a customized test automation strategy to meet your specific needs. We then handle the setup of test environments and perform different tests, including API, performance, CI/CD pipeline implementation, data generation, and automated UI testing.

API Testing

Our API testing services verify that APIs are working as planned. We excel in using industry-leading tools like REST Assured and Postman to validate data flows and endpoint reliability. We also conduct performance testing under load to assess how your APIs perform under real-world scenarios.

QA Outsourcing

STS Software GmbH designs a tailored QA strategy and test plan to satisfy your testing requirements. Our experienced testers can work well with all types of software testing. We also manage the testing team to enhance their performance and productivity. Additionally, our QA team provides regular test reports to keep you informed about the progress of the process.

Mobile App Testing

We specialize in mobile app testing services. Our expert testers conduct thorough tests on your mobile apps to ensure their quality, performance, usability, and functionality on different platforms. Plus, we cover both frontend and backend testing to guarantee your apps meet the highest quality standards and please your customers.

Web App Testing

The success of your web app depends on its security, performance, usability, and functionality. Our web app testing services include all these aspects. We also cover other features like responsibility, navigation, and compatibility. After the tests, your web app will surely deliver an exceptional user experience across different devices and browsers.

On-demand Testing

You may have ever-changing requirements for your software. In this case, consider our on-demand software testing services. We offer flexible and immediate access to testing resources, tools, and expertise. Whether you need testing support or address specific problems, we can cater to your needs without asking for a long-term commitment.

Ensuring Your Quality Software With Our Software Testing Services Is A Key Strategy To Success!

You can partner with STS Software GmbH today to upgrade your software's performance and reliability. Our testing experts can handle the complete testing process to enhance user satisfaction. Contact us now to get started on your journey to perfect software!

We Can Perform Any Software Testing Type You Need

There are two types of testing services: functional and non-functional. A comprehensive software testing strategy needs both. Together, they provide a robust foundation for your successful apps.

Functional Testing

Functional testing examines the app's processes based on your requirements. It focuses on functionality, ensuring the app can satisfy real business use cases. There are different types of functional testing, as follows:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing: Component Integration Testing, System Integration Testing, and End-to-end Integration Testing.
  • System Testing: End-to-end Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, and Monkey Testing.
  • Acceptance Testing: Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, and User Acceptance Testing.

Non-Functional Testing

Non-functional testing guarantees that your app is powerful enough to handle external factors. It's not important to the app's functionality but can affect end-user experience. While functional testing focuses on business requirements, non-functional testing works on performance requirements. Here are some examples of non-functional testing:

  • Security Testing: Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessment
  • Performance Testing: Load testing and Stress testing
  • Usability Testing: Exploratory testing, UI testing, and Accessibility testing
  • Compatibility Testing: Cross-browser testing and Cross-platform testing.

Which Types Of Software We Test

You can find a wide range of services on various types of software when partnering with STS Software GmbH. Whatever product you want to examine, we can be your go-to choice!

mobile app testing

Mobile App

Our software testing services ensure the quality, usability, and performance of your mobile apps across different devices, operating systems, and platforms.

web app testing

Web App

We work on your web apps to guarantee their security, functionality, and security on various browsers and devices. We also examine their navigation for a seamless user experience.

desktop app testing

Desktop App

We perform installation, uninstallation, compatibility, functional, and upgrade tests to give you the best desktop apps on the market.

saas software testing

SaaS Software

Our testers work hard to check if your SaaS solutions perform as expected, meet all the specified requirements, and have no bugs. We focus on security, too, to avoid data breaches and other mishaps.

enterprise software testing

Enterprise Software

We present multiple software testing services, such as smoke and sanity, APOI, regression, user acceptance, security, visual, and recovery testing, on your enterprise software.

iot software testing

IoT Software

The number of IoT devices is growing, increasing the need for IoT software testing. Our rigorous testing services confirm the reliability and performance of your software to gain trust in the system among users and stakeholders.

automotive software testing

Automotive Software

When working with automotive software, we undertake unit testing, code coverage analysis, schedule tracing, and timing analysis to make sure it can function correctly.

microservices testing


We automate unit, integration, component, and functional testing processes using different tools and frameworks. Our solution depends on what your microservices really need.

ecommerce software testing

E-commerce Software

Testing e-commerce software calls for multiple steps, focusing on its functionality and security. The whole process involves endurance, spike, stress, volume, and other types of testing.

blockchain application testing

Blockchain Application

We take care of every component of a blockchain, including its blocks, transactions, smart contracts, and more. API, integration, and cycle testing are important parts of the test.

Benefits of Software Testing Services

Many businesses these days rely on software to complete their tasks. Thus, testing software is important as it affects your productivity. It would be best to look for a reliable software testing services company to take care of your software. Here are some notable benefits you can get!

Cost Efficiency

First, fixing faulty software can be time-consuming and costly. But, if you test it early in the development process, you can avoid further problems. Moreover, proper testing can accelerate the recovery speed of your software, preventing more money loss. So, by investing in software testing services, you can save maintenance costs later.

Access to Expertise

The software testing service provider gives you access to professionals in the industry. The experts know how to deal well with each situation and provide tailored solutions to your needs. Their commitment and expertise ensure a reliable testing process to bring out the best of your software's performance.

Focus on Core Business

If software is not part of your core functions, consider seeking software testing services. They are in charge of the testing process. Then, you will have more time and resources for your core business activities. Your partner also helps ensure the reliability of your software, which assists you in managing your business operations.

Quick Turnaround

Software testers only focus on testing. Hence, they offer quicker turnaround times than what your in-house team can do. Moreover, your software testing partner has the needed experience and expertise to execute test cases efficiently and report bugs promptly. Their streamlined process helps you identify issues quickly, shortening the development cycle.


Software testing services come with a high degree of scalability. Your partner can adapt to software changes according to your requirements. They can scale the project up or down and are able to deal well with small and large apps. So, feel free to discuss your needs with them to guarantee you have a satisfying experience.

Cutting-edge Tools and Technologies

The complete testing process involves multiple steps. Moreover, the testers perform different testing types to deliver the best outcome. Thus, they need cutting-edge tools for all those purposes. Fortunately, if you ask for top-notch software testing services, you can access advanced technologies and monitor how well they work on your software.

Objective Perspective

Testing service providers act as independent testers. Hence, they don't have any preconceived biases or notions. They can easily conduct thorough testing and identify issues coming from new features. Unbiased testing also leads to more stable and robust software releases.

Risk Mitigation

Software QA services help you enjoy risk mitigation strategies. Your partner can find potential risks in your software and fix them quickly to reduce post-release errors. Additionally, they use top-notch technologies in the testing process, leading to a smoother and more successful software release.

Why Choose STS Software GmbH as a Software Testing Company?

The very first step to ensure a comprehensive testing process for your business is to choose a trustworthy software testing company. STS Software GmbH can be your ideal partner. You can get these benefits by teaming up with us.

cost effective

STS Software GmbH employs efficient testing methodologies to minimize software testing cost. By investing in our testing services, you can detect bugs in the early stage of the development process, avoiding more severe problems in the future. When your software is of the highest quality, you can satisfy your customers, reduce software maintenance costs, and maximize your profits.

You must test your software, and if you leave this task to an expert like us, you can reduce testing time. Our agile approach and use of test automation speed up the process to enable faster time-to-market for your software. Furthermore, we can assemble a dedicated team to work on your project. Our shift-left testing approach is another key to success.

Talented AI Developers in their Youth

With our team of experienced testers, you can access diverse skill sets. We also have extensive expertise to offer what you need. The best thing is that we provide tailored solutions to your project requirements. Our top talent can surely help your software stand out if your top concerns are reliability and quality.

Robust Project Management Methodologies

We bring about a high level of flexibility so that our testing solutions align with your ever-changing needs. This way, we can adjust your testing strategies to maximize efficiency. Additionally, we test your software thoroughly and deliver it on schedule without sacrificing quality.

We serve clients from different industries, including banking, healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, and so on. Our experienced testers have the domain knowledge to respond to your unique specifications, requirements, technology adoption, and workflows. Even when you introduce new changes in the middle of the project, our testing services are flexible enough to integrate them into the process.

Advanced Technologies and Tools

There are many testing methodologies out there, and our testers know which technology stacks work best for your project. We also possess the latest technologies and tools to deliver innovative solutions. With our help, you can handle challenges well and discover new opportunities to upgrade your software's quality.

We have ten years of experience and expertise in delivering QA and software testing services. During our journey, we have honed our skills and gathered valuable insights. The accumulated experience allows us to navigate testing issues with confidence. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the seamless execution of every project you are in.

ISO Certifications

STS Software GmbH prioritizes quality, safety, and transparency when delivering our software testing services. Our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications qualify us for implementing stringent security protocols. They also reflect our dedication to protecting customer data. Our clients appreciate our transparent processes and communication channels, too, as transparency is critical to every outsourcing partnership.

Let's Discuss Your Software Testing Project!

We deliver top-notch testing solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us now to maximize your software's potential with our testing services!

Our Software Testing Process

STS Software GmbH elevates your software quality with a thorough testing approach. There are six steps in our comprehensive solution:


Test Planning

In this first stage, our testing team creates a detailed plan. We outline the objectives and scope of the project after studying your requirements. We also predict the potential risks and define timeframes for the strategy.

Then, we consider which tools and techniques best suit your project. This task involves checking the characteristics and requirements of the project.

At the end of the stage, we create a test plan describing the details of our testing activities. The plan acts as the guideline for the whole process.


Test Analysis

This step sets the foundations for the entire testing journey ahead. We analyze your project's specifications and requirements. Each software requires different types of testing. Hence, our testers have to identify testable features in your software, define its objectives, and determine which test to take. Our analysis ensures that your testing plan aligns with your goals.


Test Design

After that, we design and develop different test cases. They include all the possible cases that may affect your software. Then, we design the test environment, review automation scripts, and decide on testing techniques based on the analysis in the previous step. Test design also involves defining test conditions with input information and expected output.


Test Implementation

Once the design is complete, we develop our test case details, high-level cases, and test scripts. Our testers craft test cases meticulously to align with the project's requirements. They also serve as the groundwork for our comprehensive testing process.


Test Execution

The test cases and scripts are now well-developed so that we can execute software tests based on them. More specifically, we compare the actual behaviors against the expectations. We also use test management and defect-tracking software to find bugs. If there are any errors, we will report them immediately and manage them properly.


Test Completion

In this final step, we create test reports that entail test results and any remaining issues. Our testers consider test coverage, project cost, and product quality while compiling the documentation. If everything looks good, we will send test results to stakeholders for release approval. If not, the reports will go back to the development for troubleshooting.

Our Technologies

Management Test Tools





STS Software GmbH offers different engagement models, each with unique benefits to your specific needs. Here are your options:

Dedicated Development Team

If you want an external team to work exclusively on your project, consider turning them into the extended arm of your company. Dedicated testing teams are best suited for those with complex projects because they have deep domain knowledge and expertise. You can also choose this model if you need consistent expertise.

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dedicated development team model
It staff augmentation model

IT Staff Augmentation

Businesses may deal with specific skill shortages when it comes to the testing process. In this case, staff augmentation is an ideal choice. You can integrate a third-party testing team with experience into your existing teams. Then, you will strengthen your workforce without permanent employee expansions. As a result, this engagement model is perfect for businesses that require specialized skills for a short time.

Discuss your project

Project-Based Model

STS Software GmbH can deliver a complete project from its planning phase to delivery. Our team ensures the outcome aligns with your objectives. Thus, this model is suitable for businesses with clear project parameters but needs to undertake it internally. If you employ it, you can maintain your internal focus while still getting exceptional results.

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project-based model

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Software testing services involve different activities to assess software’s functionality, security, usability, and performance. They ensure that the software works well and meets customer expectations.

There are several differences between software testing and QA services, such as:

  • Software testing is the process of undertaking a program to find errors in software, while QA isn’t a testing process. 
  • Techniques used in software testing involve unit, functional, system, and other types of testing. Meanwhile, QA works with techniques like process audits, root cause analysis, and defect management. 
  • Software testing takes more time, money, and effort than QA. 

There are two main types of software testing:

  • Functional: Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance, etc
  • Non-functional: Security, Performance, Usability, Compatibility, etc.

QA testing services often cost 15 to 25% of the total software project cost. You should also consider other factors, such as testing methodology, environment, and debugging, to determine the cost.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) aims to protect your intellectual property. You should sign it before sharing private information with your software testing partner.

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