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To service various users for their own business, each client or organization will need a distinct software product. Furthermore, the development of commercially viable software may operate as a highly beneficial customer acquisition and support platform for your company.

And if you’re looking for assistance in building a user-friendly and innovative software application, with a complete software product development process, STS Software GmbH is your one-stop shop!

The Importance of Software product development

Custom-Made Solution

The first and foremost is the software product’s distinctiveness. Because your software product development company will assess which features and functionalities are suitable to both enhance the individuality of your brand and optimize the user experience to the greatest extent feasible. The many pre-built apps out there may provide a hand in certain ways, but they won’t replace custom app development entirely.

Optimizing Business Procedures

Incorporate the company’s internal systems, business strategy, relevant modifications, and operational processes into the software product development process as much as possible. Rather than relying on the cumbersome methods already in place, it will assess what is holding down service to end users and figure out how to streamline those processes to make them more effective.

The advantage in the Market

You must have distinguishing characteristics that set your organization different from its rivals. And, as the global digital transition accelerates, firms may gain a competitive edge by developing software for agile development with features and procedures that are distinctive.

Easily Updated & Modified Features

Because this is software product management designed to cater to your company’s requirements and technical requirements, the STS Software GmbH engineering team will always make the most of it. Make any necessary adjustments right away to maximize product quality.

Enhancing the Time of Expansion for Your Company

Your company has seen rapid expansion, but that doesn’t mean you can let the quality slip – especially the software product management. If you’re developing a software product, it’ll be easier to assess your vendors’ competence and determine whether or not your product meets the standards.

Exactly what you can expect from STS Software GmbH?

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Trustworthy engagement

Having achieved the ISO27001 certification for Information Security across the system, STS Software GmbH also strives to ensure the privacy of your data, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the outset of our collaboration (during negotiations).

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Dedicated team

Each project will have its dedicated team (or set of responsibilities, if that’s what you want). Each of our experts is placed on a project based on their specific area of expertise and passions, ensuring that you work with a group that is invested in the success of your business.

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Reduced time-to-market

We always ensure to implement necessary product changes, while keeping a consistent release cadence possible, utilizing Agile methodology, a CI/CD pipeline, a DevOps strategy, and a regular quality control cycle.

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Expenses to be minimized

Enterprise clients may save a large amount of capital on both long-term and short-term initiatives that need rapid support resources, since they won’t have to make any infrastructure or staffing investments.

Our Range Of Software Product Options

The Invention of New Products

Ongoing Software Product Development

Software Product Development Steps

STS Software GmbH has developed its own techniques after encountering several circumstances and practical experiences. And our mature process is very valuable to both the software development company and the client team. 

Not only does having a solid software product development process increase the quality of the final product, but it also makes the development process as a whole more efficient.


Conception & Evaluation

The client issue statement is analyzed during the concept phase. Developers can come up with a suitable solution that meets the clients’ expectations if they get the right criteria.


System Design for a Product

Software developers establish rigorous protocols and guidelines for applications. They rely heavily on prototype designs and representations to build the underlying framework for the final product.


Coding & Development

This phase takes the longest to progress compared to the others since it involves the most complicated and fundamental steps. Our team will write code as well as transforming design documents into software that is operational.


Integration & Quality Control

Up to a certain point of completion of the software product, we will conduct all kinds of functional testing. It is our responsibility to check whether or not the final software product fulfills the specifications you set forth.


Coding & Development

We will pass over any remaining paperwork, final product, source code, documentation, and software license… to the client, as well as perform technical training for the business team.


Integration & Quality Control

During the operation of software products, bugs are discovered and addressed, procedures are enhanced, and so on. Furthermore, upgrades are performed on a regular basis to maintain the greatest performance.

Tips To Choose The Appropriate Software Product Development Company

Finding reliable collaborators is crucial, so don’t rush the process. That being said, consider the following advice:

Verify the software product development company’s claims about their expertise and track record by getting in touch with several of their previous clients. You may learn more about their impressions and the product’s ultimate results in this way.

You must make sure the vendor has high growth prospects (maybe in 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years later) to be able to pursue your project. Or on the other hand, it could also be said that you should make sure the technical team doesn’t just up and quit at the last minute.

The success of your project depends on the proficiency and experience throughout the life of the software product development company you have chosen. Therefore, determine whether they have a full range of personnel needed for the project (Developers in the programming languages you need, UX/UI designers, Quality control engineers, Business analysts, and Project managers…).

Software product development requires thorough acquaintance with multiple technologies and expertise in a variety of development methodologies. In addition, you should determine if your vendor has sufficient experience and knowledge of the most recent or relevant techniques.

The technical team’s ability to comprehend and correctly prioritize client needs depends on their familiarity with the specific sector or market in which the company operates. Besides, the technical team has to be able to grasp your specific organization needs and guide you toward the optimal plan that helps you achieve your goals.

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