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What is SaaS Development?

SaaS (Software as a service) development is the process of building and deploying software apps over the internet. Since you host your software on the cloud, you don't have to install and maintain them on your computers.

SaaS development solutions offer many benefits in terms of scalability, easy deployment, and security. Thus, many businesses have started building SaaS products to streamline their processes. The global market for this industry is now worth $3 trillion and is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2030.

Discover the Premier SaaS Development Company for Your Needs

STS Software GmbH has earned recognition with our top-notch SaaS application development services. We provide excellent apps to help businesses in Switzerland and Germany achieve their goals and save costs. Curious about what we can do? Then keep scrolling down to discover!

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Our SaaS Development Services

STS Software GmbH offers an extensive list of SaaS development services to ensure you can find the best solution. Here are your options:

Custom SaaS Development Services

Custom SaaS Development

You may have unique requirements for your SaaS apps. But don't worry! As a leading SaaS development agency, we provide custom SaaS development services tailored to meet your needs. Our SaaS developers start by learning your objectives and designing a SaaS platform development plan to deliver robust software that helps you drive growth. Thus, our products are as scalable and secure as expected.

SaaS Consulting Services

SaaS Consulting

Numerous SaaS development options may overwhelm you, especially if you are new to the market. In this case, contact us to receive SaaS development consulting services. We are so glad to help you navigate through the challenges. With our guidance and support, you can possess the power of SaaS solutions to ensure seamless alignment with your abilities and goals.

SaaS UX/UI Design Services

SaaS UX/UI Design

UX/UI designs play a vital role in SaaS app development. Our expert UI and UX designers create visually appealing interfaces to enhance your user experience. We also outline user journey maps, storyboards, and wireframes to ensure a user-centric design. If you need a UX audit for your existing software, we can help, too.

SaaS Architecture Design Services

SaaS Architecture Design

We design multi-tenancy architectures so you can scale your apps quickly without working with multiple different systems. These architectures allow for the creation of distinct environments with one physical infrastructure. This way, you can reduce costs on resources and manage huge workloads. Customization is another benefit, as you can easily set up unique options and configurations for the environments to meet your needs.

SaaS Integration Services

SaaS Integration

We specialize in SaaS integration services by seamlessly fitting third-party platforms and tools into your SaaS app. You can be confident that your app will work well with other software in the cohesive ecosystem. Our SaaS development experts also understand different software types. With our assistance, you can ensure smooth communication between your app and external tools. Ultimately, you will enhance your app's performance.

SaaS Application Development Services

SaaS Application Development

STS Software GmbH excels in SaaS application development services. Working with us, you can access experienced developers and cutting-edge technologies to create reliable apps. Additionally, our SaaS developers are dedicated to understanding your unique requirements. We aim to exceed your expectations and help you stand out in the competitive market.

QA and Testing Services

Testing and QA

We use both automation and manual testing approaches to ensure the quality of your SaaS products. To guarantee the best outcome, we adhere to industry standards. Thus, you can be proud that your software will be secure, bug-free, and functional. With our commitment to quality assurance, we also help mitigate risks. So, no worries about any unexpected issues!

SaaS Ongoing Support & Maintenance Services

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support and maintenance services for your SaaS apps to ensure smooth operation. More specifically, we offer assistance whenever you need us. If there are any issues with your SaaS product, we will show up to solve them. We also update software regularly to optimize its performance. Together, we can drive long-term success.

SaaS Evolution Services

SaaS Evolution

Technology is a dynamic field because it keeps evolving. Partnering with STS Software GmbH, you can always keep yourself updated. We try to enhance SaaS products with advanced features, such as video streaming, chatbots, AI, AR/VR, VoIP, and analysis. You need them to remain competitive in the market.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration

Want to migrate your SaaS to other hosts? We can get you covered by relocating your software to reliable cloud providers. Our cloud migration service also involves turning on-premises apps into SaaS. We do it quickly by reshaping the apps to fit them into the cloud infrastructure.

Looking For High-Quality SaaS Application Development Services?

Look no further! STS Software shines brightly as a go-to choice to turn your vision into reality with innovation and confidence. Contact us now and pave the way for your growth!

How Do You Benefit From SaaS Development with STS Software GmbH?

Building a Saas solution is getting increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. And if you choose STS Software GmbH for your SaaS development project, you can gain even more.

Reduced Development Costs

Is cost your top concern? Then, you won't go wrong with SaaS development. We use tried-and-true project management practices to streamline workflows. Moreover, scalable cloud-native architectures are part of our strategies. Luckily, cloud resources can significantly reduce your SaaS development costs. Besides, we use ready-made components, such as platforms and frameworks, to cut down more expenses. These solutions offer functional features and can fit into your SaaS app seamlessly.

Professional Product Design

STS Software GmbH creates professional product design to ensure your SaaS app meets user needs. Our team of brand managers and business analysts work closely with you to understand your vision first. Then, we research to translate your ideas into a competitive SaaS product with an attractive UI, intuitive UX, and iconic brand image. We ensure your app looks great and performs well throughout the design process. All these efforts are to increase user engagement and satisfaction.

Access to Advanced Technologies

STS Software GmbH adds value to your SaaS product by using advanced technologies. For example, AR/VR tools offer immersive experiences for users. Meanwhile, AI and ML empower SaaS software with intelligent features like chatbots, real-time analytics, and personalized recommendations. Another technology we often use is blockchain, which improves SaaS platform integrity and security. Blockchain provides a safe and transparent system to solve most security issues with SaaS models.


Our SaaS application development services are flexible. As part of your business, our dedicated team accompanies you in every step of the process. So, don't be shy to show us your concerns and changing needs. You can also follow dynamic market trends with our help. Even if you need us in peak seasons, we are always here to provide the best services.

Smooth Collaboration

STS Software GmbH is a reliable outsourcing company in the DACH region. We understand that smooth collaboration is key to the success of every outsourcing project. Hence, we give you access to a mature team dedicated to delivering outstanding services. During the project, we encourage your observation so you can make changes when needed. We also use robust and stable communication channels to enable smooth conversation. This way, you can remain engaged in the SaaS development process.

Automatic Updates and High Scalability

Businesses prioritize efficiency and continuity. We know what you need, so we work hard to help you achieve your goals. As an experienced SaaS application development company, we guarantee that we will develop SaaS solutions with the latest features. Plus, our services include automatic updates and security enhancements during your app's lifecycle. As a result, your app will always be functional, robust, and up-to-date.

Our SaaS Development Process

STS Software GmbH is proud to be a reliable SaaS development company that provides innovative solutions tailored to your demands. We establish a streamlined process and accompany you in all four stages of your SaaS development life cycle.


Plan Set Up

You need a detailed and strategic plan for your project. So, we will start with the plan. We work closely with you to list tangible objectives, decide on the project milestones, and come up with a blueprint for the whole journey. When set up properly, the blueprint ensures the outcome will align with your goals.


Dig Into Requirements

We focus on creating a customized SaaS product that satisfies your needs perfectly. Hence, we dig into your requirements to learn more about them. We also predict possible issues and challenges with your project. Our preparation helps us solve problems quickly without affecting the project's progress.



Every business desires an attractive SaaS product. But, we work more than that by simultaneously putting effort into its functionality and aesthetics. Our goal is to produce software that attracts users at first sight and helps them with certain tasks. Your brand identity is part of the design, too. Thus, we spend more time creating a product that resonates with your business' message.


Development & Testing

STS Software GmbH is famous as a leading SaaS development company for software development and testing. You want a resilient and powerful SaaS app, and so do we. Hence, our dedicated developers write every code meticulously to bring out its best performance. After development, we perform various tests to ensure your software is functional.


Maintenance & Updates

Maintenance and updates are important aspects of SaaS development. So, once the development and testing phases are over, we move to the post-deployment step. This process involves continuous updates and maintenance, so your product can be up-to-date and powerful. If you need any changes to upgrade its performance, we can also help.

Why Should STS Software GmbH Be Your Choice For SaaS Application Development Services?

SaaS development is a complex process, but STS Software GmbH can help you navigate through the challenges. By choosing us as your outsourcing partner, you can access experts in the fields, cutting-edge solutions, powerful communication channels, and exceptional SaaS application development services. Let's have a close look at the advantages of this partnership.

Experience and Expertise

Our SaaS developers have experience in software development. Our extensive portfolio highlights the high-quality solutions we have brought to the table. Moreover, we are committed to your SaaS projects by choosing the most advanced and suitable technology stacks. Our products can then grow alongside your business because we design them with scalability in mind. Ultimately, we aim for long-term success.

Agile Methodology

We believe in the power of Agile development processes for SaaS projects. Agile is not only about establishing technical rules but also shapes the way we work. We emphasize fast development without sacrificing quality. Plus, we listen to you and value your feedback. Continuous communication ensures our solutions match your needs and the market trends.

Industry Recognitions

Our commitment has helped us establish an image as a top SaaS development company with industry recognition. Our ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications prove our top-notch services. We are also a Microsoft Partner. Our achievements reflect our expertise, experience, and influence on the industry.

Trusted by Clutch

STS Software GmbH stands out among the various service providers. Recognition from Clutch means a lot to us. It shows that our clients are confident with our SaaS development services. The rating also shows clients' strong trust in our company. Working with us lets you pull off your SaaS projects and turn your ideas into success.

Industries We Serve With Expertise

STS Software GmbH delivers various SaaS application development services to serve different industries. Which industry do you work in? Let's see how we can help!

Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation sector, we aim to streamline fleet management processes, optimize routes, and enhance tracking capabilities. You can also work with real-time data and automation to ensure your logistics operations run smoothly. After all, you can improve productivity and save costs when leaving the SaaS product development task on us.


SaaS application development is popular in the accounting industry. If you work in this field, choose us as your SaaS service provider. We can simplify financial tasks while ensuring their transparency and accuracy. Plus, our solutions allow seamless integration with accounting software to enhance financial management.


In healthcare, our SaaS software development solutions focus on elevating patient care standards. We deal well with electronic health records, medical records management, and appointment systems. When working on your project, we pay close attention to data security, too. We have a lot of clients who are healthcare organizations. They are all satisfied with our services as we can assist them in providing better patient experiences.

Banking and Finance

Like accounting, banking and finance industries need robust SaaS software. In these sectors, we prioritize security. So, we put a lot of effort into secure transactions. We also comply with regulations to deliver seamless banking experiences. What's more, our products are resilient so financial institutions can access our SaaS application development services to address complicated issues related to finance.


A successful e-commerce application requires many factors, including smooth checkout functions, efficient order management, attractive interfaces, and personalized recommendations. Fortunately, our SaaS application development services can deal well with all of them to give you the best experience. You will then create online marketplaces that attract customers and increase revenue.

Business Software Development

Businesses need SaaS software for data-driven decision-making and automation. Thus, they contact us to help them build bespoke business software solutions. Our team of experts can streamline internal processes and enhance customer engagement. Whatever you need us for, we can provide tangible business benefits that drive success.

In each industry, STS Software GmbH promises to use our experience and expertise to deliver the best solutions for your business's success. We understand the unique requirements of each sector. So, don't be nervous to accept challenges when you have us by your side!

Our Advanced Technology Stack

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Cloud Computing





We offer three different models to handle your outsourcing SaaS development projects. Each of them comes with a unique set of advantages, serving different needs.

Dedicated Development Team

Like staff augmentation, this model involves building an external team for your business. However, the team then becomes part of your company and only works on the SaaS project. You may love this idea if you need experienced developers to deal with complex projects. It also comes into play for businesses that prioritize adaptability and a unified workflow.

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IT Staff Augmentation

This model integrates our team into your company to foster your workforce capabilities without hiring permanent employees. Hence, staff augmentation is the best option for businesses that want to adapt to changing requirements and avoid long-term employment. Our staff with specialized skills can help with your short-term projects.

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Project-Based Model

If you choose this outsourcing model, we will cover the complete SaaS development project, from its planning stage to deployment. Our team takes care of every aspect of the software and takes full ownership. Even so, we guarantee that the final product will align with your objectives. So, this model is best suited for projects with clear parameters.

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There are many types of SaaS app development services, such as custom development, consulting, UX/UI design, architecture, SaaS integration, testing, maintenance, SaaS evolution, and cloud migration.

Yes! We can relocate your SaaS models to cloud-based SaaS platforms. Our team of SaaS experts ensures its smooth transition and optimized performance.

Yes! Your app needs continuous updates to perform correctly. So, we provide support and maintenance services to keep your product at its best state.

SaaS software development costs can range from $50,000 to $500,000, depending on the scope of your app, its features, platform, and other factors. Outsourcing SaaS development is a good way to save cost.

There are two types of SaaS architecture patterns: 

  • Backend: Multi-tenancy, Serverless, Microservices, Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event-driven, Domain-driven design (DDD), Clean, Decoupled/Headless, and more.
  • Frontend: Model-view-controller (MVC), Model-view-viewModel (MVVM), Single-page application (SPA), Progressive web app (PWA), Reactive, Micro-frontend, and more.

To optimize time-to-marmet, STS Software develops a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first. Our experts can pull it off within one to four months. Then, we continue to evolve your SaaS MVP iteratively.

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