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What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is about creating applications for mobile devices. Many businesses now have their own mobile apps to engage with their customers. In 2023, spending on mobile apps generated up to $171 billion. This trend raises an ever-growing need for skilled mobile app developers.

Partner with Top Mobile App Development Company in Switzerland

STS Software GmbH is a reliable mobile app development company based in Switzerland. We offer top-notch mobile app development services with our extensive experience and expert mobile developers. We also utilize advanced technologies like ML, cloud-based, and AI to deliver innovative solutions.

Additionally, we excel in developing native and cross-platform mobile apps. We serve startups and businesses across Switzerland and Germany. Working with us, you can leverage our proficiency to drive success. We don't just build simple mobile apps. Instead, we aim to become your long-term companion. So, join us now on this exciting journey!

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Our Custom Mobile App Development Services

STS Software GmbH offers mobile application development services for both enterprise apps and customer-oriented apps. We cover the full-cycle mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery. You will also receive ongoing support for your developed mobile apps.

Android App Developmen Services

Android App Development

Our mobile experts offer comprehensive Android application development services, including Android mobile app development, Android wear app development, and Android tablet app development. Plus, we use advanced technologies like Kotlin, Android Studio, Software Development Kit (SDK), and Android Studio. Whatever you need, we've got you covered!

IOS App Development Services

IOS App Development

We specialize in iOS mobile app development to craft a top-notch mobile experience for iPhone and iPad users. Our expert team uses Objective-C and Swift to develop iOS apps catering to your needs. Xcode and Interface Builder are also our favorite tools, as they excel in creating intuitive apps. With our services, your ideas will come to life.

Native App Development Services

Native Mobile App Development

Our native mobile application development services work for both Android and iOS platforms. We ensure high-quality solutions for your business needs. More specifically, our app developers utilize Android Studio for Android apps and Xcode for iOS apps. This way, your apps can be created with precision and optimized performance.

cross platforms app development services

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

We can help you reach a broader audience. Our cross-platform mobile applications development services aim to create apps that run on multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS. Compared to native apps, our products come with more cross-platform compatibility features. They also save more time and resources. Moreover, at STS Software GmbH, we use cutting-edge tools like Javascript, Native Script, TypeScript, React Native, and Flutter. All of them enable us to build high-performance software.

PWA Development Services

Progressive Web App Development

Our app development services go beyond traditional boundaries with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). We offer users a seamless, app-like experience. Our products have advanced features like offline functionality, responsive web apps, and push notifications. We use technologies like Redux, React, and Angular to build robust PWAs that meet your evolving needs.

app design services

Mobile App Design

STS Software GmbH excels in mobile app design services. Our skilled app designers focus on UI/UX design, wireframing, prototyping, and responsive designs. They pay meticulous attention to detail. Thus, your app can be functional across devices and screen sizes. With our help, you can be confident about your attractive web designs.

App Integration Services

Mobile App Integration

App integration is a tricky matter. Yet, as an experienced app development company, STS Software GmbH can solve this problem efficiently. We can integrate your apps with other software systems, APIs, databases, and third-party services. Then, we enhance their functionality, user experience, and data exchange. Our solutions help you connect your mobile apps with diverse platforms and devices seamlessly.

App Testing Services

Mobile App Testing

Your app's quality is our top priority. So, we perform multiple mobile application testing to ensure its performance, usability, security, and functionality. You can choose from functional, compatibility, performance, security, and usability testing services. Trust us, and you can refine your app's reliability across all devices.

Wearables And Embedded Application Development Services

Wearables And Embedded Application

Wearable devices, like fitness trackers and smartwatches, are on the rise. Users also pay attention to embedded systems like smart appliances and IoT devices. Following the trend, we create apps tailored to those technologies. Our products come with enhanced user experience, personalization, and real-time data monitoring. Our first-rate mobile application development services are what you need to unlock the potential of wearables and embedded systems.

App Maintenance And Support Services

App Maintenance And Support

We are dedicated to providing you with ongoing support. After deployment, our team ensures the smooth operation, usability, and performance of your mobile app. As a trusted mobile app development company in Switzerland, we prioritize your app's user satisfaction and longevity. Even when issues arise unexpectedly, we are ready to deliver effective and swift solutions!

Mobile App Modernization Services

Mobile App Modernization

We try to breathe new life into your existing apps. By updating and enhancing them, we ensure your apps are aligned with current mobile app development trends. Our effort helps them adapt to user expectations and business requirements. We also use various technologies, such as AI, ML, and cloud-based practices, to enhance UI/UX for your app modernization strategies.

Ready To Innovate Your Mobile App Development Solutions?

STS Software GmbH provides outstanding services to turn your vision into reality. So, let's collaborate and create extraordinary mobile apps!

How Does STS Software GmbH Ensure The Quality Of Mobile App Development Projects?

STS Software GmbH has more than ten years of experience delivering high-quality mobile app development services. Here are reasons why we can ensure your success.

Design and User Experience in mobile app development

Design and User Experience

Our app design and development services are top-notch as we focus on these aspect:

  • User-centric Design: We work closely with stakeholders and users to understand their needs. Then, we conduct thorough user research and personal development to iterate the design with user testing.
  • Engaging And Intuitive User Interfaces: We always adhere to platform-specific design guidelines. Our UX/UI designers focus on responsiveness and accessibility while ensuring intuitive navigation and user flow.
  • Cohesive And Consistent Branding: Our mobile application development solutions align with your brand identity. We try to maintain cohesive and consistent branding to promote your business.
Performance And Compatibility

Performance And Compatibility

We ensure the quality of your cross-platform application development services by prioritizing performance and compatibility.

  • Optimized Performance: We optimize performance using efficient code. We also minimize resource usage so that you can save memory, network, and battery.
  • Cross-platform And Device Compatibility: Rigorous tests across platforms and devices ensure your app's compatibility. While performing the tests, our app developers stick to platform-specific practices and guidelines for the best outcomes.
  • Future-proof And Scalable Architecture: We build mobile apps with extensible and modular code structures. Future updates are also part of our strategies.
Security And Testing

Security And Testing

We are committed to the quality of your mobile app development projects with a meticulous strategy:

  • Robust Security Measures: We implement data encryption, secure communication, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and code obfuscation to protect your data. Plus, we follow OWASP guidelines and conduct regular updates so your apps can be of top quality all the time.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Our testing strategies include functional performance, security, and usability aspects. We even put your apps in real-world scenarios for accurate results. Our continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) ensure efficient coverage.
Ongoing Support And Maintenance

Ongoing Support And Maintenance

We are long-term partners. Even after deployment, we still provide development support and maintenance to guarantee the performance of our products.

  • Post-launch Support: We offer bug fixing, issue resolution, and performance optimization services. Our developers also regularly update the operation system (OS), so it is always of high quality.
  • Staying Competitive: We follow app development trends and adopt the newest technologies to introduce the most innovative solutions for your business. Our effort in continuous learning makes us responsive to market changes.
Quality Assurance And Project Management

Quality Assurance And Project Management

STS Software GmbH ensures effective project management and quality assurance.

  • Experienced QA Team: We gather certified QA professionals who implement comprehensive testing processes to maintain high standards.
  • Project Management: We adopt agile development methodologies like Kanban and Scrum to facilitate efficient project management. Collaborative communication is also our top concern.
  • Risk Management Strategies: Our effective risk mitigation and management strategies help us address potential challenges proactively.


Want to find exceptional mobile app development services? STS Software GmbH stands out as the top choice. Here is how we help you transform your digital journey:

  • STS Software GmbH is an experienced custom mobile app development company in Switzerland.
  • We have built a lot of high-quality mobile app development projects for many startups and businesses in Switzerland and Germany.
  • We offer cost-effective app development services without compromising quality.
  • We have more than 12 years of experience in mobile app development.
  • Our expertise spans various industries, including telemedicine, mobile banking, ecommerce, and many more.
  • Our team gathers the best mobile app developers proficient in Java, Objective-C, Cordova, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, and React Native.
  • We follow Agile and DevOps methodologies to ensure efficient project management.
  • Our ISO certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 27001) reflect our commitment to quality and security.
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We have established a structured process to ensure client satisfaction and your mobile app development project's success:


User Research

We start by studying user requirements and requests to understand their needs. They are the guidelines for the whole process ahead.



Then, we break down ideas and conduct a thorough project analysis to create a clear roadmap. This step ensures the final product aligns with the project goals.


MVP App Development

We develop an MVP to test user reactions towards our product. Based on their feedback, we will define it.


UI/UX Design, Development, And QA

After that, we focus on mobile app design and development to create a complete product. Once finished, we test it thoroughly to ensure quality assurance.


User Acceptance Testing

We involve target clients and users in this step to make necessary adjustments. This test allows the product to meet their expectations.



Next, we introduce the mobile app to the public via app stores. During this step, we stick to the standards and guidelines of each store.


Maintenance And Support

Our commitment extends beyond deployment. We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to address any problems with your mobile app.

Our first step together will be to advise on your mobile development project’s requirements analysis, cost estimate, planning, organizing, and any other follow-up steps that may be required.

In only two to three months, you’ll have first-hand experience with the development results if we start with a rapid MVP production.

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Our Mobile App Development Services In Various Industries

We offer mobile app development services for small businesses, startups, and enterprises in Switzerland and Germany. We also work in different industries, such as:


There are many things to consider when building finance-related software, but we can nail such complex mobile app solutions. Our developers are proficient in crafting lending, trading, and investment apps. With our solutions, we can transform how customers access financial services. Financial businesses can also use our products to assist their clients.


Technology is shaping this sector, and STS Software GmbH is leading the charge! We excel in app development solutions for the banking industry. We develop mobile banking, billing apps, and wallet apps to meet the evolving needs of financial businesses and their customers.


We aim to create innovative healthcare app development solutions to enhance patient care and streamline medical processes. Our experts ensure high-quality mHealth apps and Telehealth apps to improve access to healthcare services. We are ready to empower healthcare centers and patients.

Retail and eCommerce

We deliver exceptional mobile software solutions for the retail and ecommerce sectors. Our expertise in building ecommerce apps and retail shopping apps can help your business thrive in the digital competition. We also aim to set you apart from the dynamic marketplace out there!

Travel and Hospitality

Our team of expert mobile application developers works diligently to deliver mobile app development services to the travel and hospitality industry. We create booking and ticketing apps that streamline the complicated processes related to traveling. Customers can use our booking app to plan and manage their trips effectively.


STS Software GmbH is proud to be a trusted partner in the insurance industry. With our expertise, we offer innovative insurance app development solutions tailored to the unique needs of insurance providers. Our services cover everything from life insurance and health insurance to auto insurance. Partner with us, and you can stay ahead in the competitive insurance market.


The average cost to develop an app is about CHF 10,000. If you want to create customized, complex apps, you may need to pay more than CHF 300,000. The cost of app development for mobile apps depends on various factors, such as:

  • App functionality
  • Development approach: hybrid, native, or cross-platform
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, or both
  • UX/UI design requirements
  • Technologies 
  • Integration with third-party services
  • The mobile app development company you choose to develop your mobile app

Discover more details about app development costs in this guide: How Much Does It Cost to Build an App in 2024?

Each mobile app development platform has pros and cons. More specifically:

  • Native development (Android and iOS): This platform comes with the best performance and access to platform-specific features. You can also integrate your apps with the respective systems. However, this option demands separate codebases for Android and iOS, which may increase app development costs and time. 
  • Cross-platform development: On this mobile application development platform, you can write your code once and then deploy it on various platforms to reduce development cost and time. Unfortunately, you cannot access platform-specific features. Moreover, your apps cannot be optimized easily. 
  • Progressive web apps (PWAs): You don’t need separate app stores for your PWAs because you can access them through web browsers. These apps are also easy to update and maintain. Yet, compared to native apps, PWAs don’t have as many device features. They don’t offer the same degree of user experience and performance either. 
  • Hybrid mobile app development: In this approach, you use web technologies and access native device features to accelerate the development process. However, your apps may come with fewer platform-specific features. Plus, you cannot optimize them easily as you would with native apps. 

Yes. The mobile app development cost depends on many factors, such as project scope, app functionality, platforms, UX/UI design, technologies, and its features. But don’t worry! As a dedicated and friendly mobile app development company, we offer low-cost services to optimize the app development price.

You can choose one from the following outsourcing models: 

  • Time and material or fixed price contract: In this model, we provide a highly experienced project manager to take care of your project. 
  • Dedicated team contract: Our outsourcing app development team works exclusively on your project, while the team’s management is on your side.

It takes about two to three months to get your MVP ready and deployed. You may wait for three to ten months if you want to have a full-fledged mobile app.

Our NDA and ISO 27001 certifications ensure high-quality mobile app development services with security as a top priority. We also have years of experience in creating healthcare and BFSI apps.

We stick to advanced technologies when delivering app development services. Here are the top trends in mobile app development that we follow:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) app integration
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Applications for foldable devices
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Chatbots

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