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STS Software GmbH covers the whole mature process, from creating the concept to integrating it into production, and push app development. STS Software GmbH is proud to work with 350+ professional software developers and to be a Central European innovation powerhouse.

Regardless of the sector or market your company serves, the team is sure in giving the best mobile app development services. We are confident in our ability to manage any request or project type that our clients may give to us!

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For this reason

Serving end-users is increasingly more than simply direct advertisements in shopping malls and outlets… 93% of teams who provide customer service report that consumers’ expectations are greater than they have ever been, exactly since post-pandemic.

As a result of this huge shift in customer care and engagement, mobile app development is now being regarded for thorough advancement in order to enhance users’ satisfaction. STS Software GmbH recognizes this position, and is continually improving business processes, yet optimizing the capabilities of the software developers.

We Deliver Mobile App Development For Multiple Platforms

STS Software GmbH values diversity in order to suit the demands of corporate clients and end-users. We provide mobile app development services to the following platforms:

Our Android and iOS application developers can create native applications that are personalized to your company and security standards. Considering the high level of support they get on iOS and their flawless operation on Android, native applications are often considered to be the ideal solution for apps that need to fulfill many purposes. Investors should not spend significant resources on creating two separate apps to cater to the needs of phone users.

In light of current technological developments, it is clear that many people are abandoning analog wristwatches in favor of digital “smart” timepieces that contain things like built-in digital assistants. As a result of this interest and development, software for many types of electronic gadgets and specialized hardware has been available.

The term “gadget” may refer to a wide variety of digital devices, including cell phones, smart watches, tablets, and personal computers. Additionally, hybrid apps may be able to support and function well on all of these platforms to improve usability and ensure that users’ data and operations are always up to date across all relevant platforms.

With a single codebase, the skilled programmers at STS Software GmbH would create mobile applications and solutions that perform as well as their native counterparts, helping companies to keep up with consumers’ demands for versatility and swiftness.

How Will The Process Of Developing A Mobile App Play Out?


Take Use Of Cutting-Edge Tools To Enhance Your Digital Experience

Cloud-Hosted Technology

If you have our assistance, moving data from an on-premises server to the cloud is a breeze. By using our cloud-based services, you may establish a flexible, scalable, and interconnected infrastructure for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous vehicles and virtual assistants like Siri are only two applications of AI. In recent years, AI has grown to represent the cutting edge of digital technology and has come to play an almost indispensable role in our daily lives.

Big Data

In a matter of minutes, you can have all the relevant information you need in the palm of your hand with emergent software solutions. More than just putting manual input tasks out of our minds, we assist our clients every day to improve their journey.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) will facilitate the collection of a massive amount of usable data based on your requirements, as well as the collection of the right data and insights… to enhance the capacity to capture trends and speed up the making of decisions by entrepreneurs and other interested parties.

Our first step together will be to advise on your mobile development project’s requirements analysis, cost estimate, planning, organizing, and any other follow-up steps that may be required.

In only two to three months, you’ll have first-hand experience with the development results if we start with a rapid MVP production.

Our Mobile App Development Solutions

Accelerate the pace of individual processing and simplify laborious procedures with the assistance of the appropriate software tools. In a matter of seconds, you may access any and all relevant data with only a few mouse clicks.

If the accounting sector wants to devote more resources toward long-term objectives, it has to automate the time-consuming tasks that have traditionally been performed manually. And STS Software GmbH is constantly one step ahead of technological advances in order to support clients in all disciplines, particularly accounting.

Leverage the productivity-boosting potential of today’s cutting-edge mobile app solutions to expand your company’s operations. Regardless of where you are or what time it is where you are, you have access to all of the documents and information that you need, and you can monitor anything from staff attendance to important incidents.

You may improve the productivity of banking and financial services related tasks with the help of mobile app solutions, and you can also satisfy the expectations of modern customers in a timely and protected way.

Don’t consumers like using their own mobile devices to peruse available order selections? The rising numbers of mobile-based purchases on e-Commerce sites are quickly proving the convenience of these gadgets.

Make the most of the healthcare industry help with applications developed specifically for that sector. The STS Software GmbH team works tirelessly each day to better understand the needs of our healthcare clients and to create new tools to better serve them.

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Reasons To Choose STS Software GmbH For Your Development Project

Services at Competitive Prices

To reiterate, our corporate clients are our first priority. Our clients are unquestionably the driving force behind our continued success. Therefore, we have ensured that the costs of our mobile app development services remain low and competitive.

Customization Based On The User Activity

Data-driven product development for a more personalized client experience allows us to maintain our high standards on a constant basis. Therefore, if you need an app development agency that can adjust to your specific needs, you have reached the right team!

Privacy and Confidentiality of User Data are Highly Valued

The security and privacy of our customers’ initiatives are of the highest concern to us at all times. To that end, we have implemented stringent measures to protect the confidentiality of our clients’ information.

Any and All Clients Will Be Pleased

We respect loyal clients and referrals very highly as a company. Our whole team is committed to giving our clients the utmost care. As an extra bonus, we are accessible to our clients at all times, both during and after the completion of their projects.

Superior Service Vendor

The services you obtain for mobile app development might range from satisfactory to outstanding. Therefore, we have put a lot of money and effort into our staff and infrastructure to provide our clients with the best service possible.

When it comes to mobile app development, we are not interested in maximizing profits at any cost, but rather in satisfying our clients.

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