What The Client Wanted

The client wished to keep maintaining, as well as developing and rebuilding a rather cumbersome and out-of-date ERP system, whose source code has been developed through many vendors and for many years (6 years). ERP systems include:

Develop an online Field Management

Salary Management

Work and Allocating Management

Customer Management

Bill / invoice Management

Timesheet Management

Booking Management


According to the ODC model, the project was divided into 3 main phases. The first phase was to study the current system and the document in as many business rules as possible in the project.

To the second phase, maintaining the existing system and further improving the necessary features were the core operations. Then, starting to make a completely new system (with new technology), more convenient and easier to use with more performance based on the requirements studied from the old system; as well as performing compare testing to ensure the results of steps.

The third phase was to conduct Android AI applications to support checkin / checkout for Merit employees. The App can work with both old and new systems, allowing the use of a PIN or face to check in / checkout.

After the phase 3 finished, STS Software GmbH proposed using The Scrum / Agile method to focus on the maintenance and improvement because of the complexity and flexible requirements from the client. Keep in mind that only when the new milestones are reached, will the trade objectives be met. The previous projects needed components that were distributed to support maintenance projects. Therefore, prioritizing features in support projects is necessary to achieve the fastest path to provide the requested features to customers.




React Native – Cross Platforms App Development

Reactjs - Web application


Google Map API

Entity Framework 6.1.3

Twilio (Chat Sdk)



Web Component (At the first time of project)

Build A Team
Agile Scrum
Agile Scrum is applied to manage project management.
Team Members
STS Software GmbH provided the resumes of the programmers required by the client. Then a dedicated team of required personnel was identified on the basis of the client's approval. In this team, the Project Manager’s primary responsibility was to effectively communicate with clients on all matters relating to the ODC and assign task priorities, supervise the work and guarantee the quality to ensure the success of the ODC.
Infrastructure Set-Up

To ensure effective communication and presentation of ideas, we used Skype for conferences to promptly exchange information with the client.

Management System

Trello tool was used to support project ’status management. And Google Drive was used as a Document Management System.


Bitbucket was used as a source code version control repository.


• Internal daily standup meeting every night at 11PM VN (9 AM in the US)

• Weekly summary report via email and efforts report details each task and each team member.


The work efficiency was significantly improved on the client's side.

The mature model of Abstract Technology's offshore development center guaranteed cost efficiency for the client.

Agile troubleshooting response and quick enhancement from offshore software development company enabled the client to rapidly enhance its technical competence.

More systematically testing ensured the enhanced system ran smoothly to cope with heavy data load.

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Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline