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Finding the Right Enterprise Software Development Company for Your Business

Companies use enterprise software to manage and optimize their daily operations and processes. They can then easily scale their resources easily to keep their operational costs under control. The software also helps them improve their organizational efficiency.

With the numerous benefits, enterprise software is becoming more and more popular. In 2024, its market's revenue is expected to reach $3.39 billion and $12.63 billion in Switzerland and Germany, respectively. Its annual growth rate from 2024 to 2028 is around 5%, reflecting its influence in the industry.

STS Software GmbH is a leading enterprise software development company in Switzerland. With more than ten years of experience, we are committed to delivering top-notch enterprise software development services to meet your needs. Our company delivers high-quality enterprise software solutions to numerous businesses across Switzerland, Germany, and worldwide. We have worked in different industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, banking, logistics, and many more. If you are still hesitant to start your project with STS Software GmbH, read on to learn more about us!

Our Custom Enterprise Software Development Services

STS Software GmbH offers multiple enterprise software development services, so you can feel free to discover your endless opportunities. Let's see what you can get from each service!

End-to-end Enterprise Application Development Service

End-to-end Enterprise Application Development

We provide exceptional custom enterprise application development services tailored to your unique needs. Each business has its own set of requirements for enterprise software solutions. By working with us, you can get an enterprise application that can integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Our bespoke and flexible enterprise solutions can empower you to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Enterprise Web Development Services

Enterprise Web Development

Our enterprise solutions include enterprise web application development, too. We build custom, responsive enterprise web apps to streamline your business operations. We focus on scalability, user experience, and security when working on enterprise web application development. Thus, the application can grow as your business expands.

Enterprise Application Integration Services

Enterprise Application Integration

Already have your enterprise software? You can still upgrade its performance and improve your business process by choosing our enterprise application integration services. Depending on your needs, we can integrate your infrastructure with data integrity, APIs, and other integration options.

Legacy Application Modernization Services

Legacy Application Modernization

What if your system becomes outdated and no longer meets your growing needs? In this case, STS Software GmbH can do the trick. Our legacy application modernization services involve reengineering and migrating enterprise applications to the cloud. These methods ensure your system can be newer, faster, and more secure.

Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services

STS Software GmbH is proud to be a leading company that always stays at the forefront of enterprise digital transformation. If you choose us as your partner, we will provide digital transformation services to grow your business. We will also give you access to cutting-edge technologies, helping you keep up with the latest trends in the market. This way, you can outshine your competitors.

Software Maintenance and Support Services

Software Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and support are part of our enterprise software development services. After deployment, we focus on improving and updating your software. Quality is our core value. Thus, we work hard to update your software regularly to guarantee its top-notch performance. So, choosing us means you aim for long-term partnership and success.

Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility Services

Enterprise mobility solutions are about facilitating remote working. We focus on creating compatible and scalable apps when delivering enterprise mobility services. We also improve mobile devices and personal laptops for business purposes. Cloud computing is also our favorite technology as it allows for easier and more secure data access.

Enhance Your Business Efficiency With Our Custom Enterprise Software Development Services!

STS Software GmbH provides top-notch services to meet your unique requirements. Our talented enterprise software developers are committed to your business growth. So, let's start a journey of success together!

Types of Enterprise Software Development Solutions We Develop

As an experienced enterprise application development company, we cover different types of solutions. Each type enables your business to deal with challenging tasks and solve specific problems. Depending on your goals, you can choose from various enterprise software solutions, such as:


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

We develop enterprise supply chain management software, too. If manufacturing is part of your business, don't miss it! The software comes with robust SCM tools to help you run your manufacturing operations smoothly. You can also use it to gather data about suppliers, orders, inventory, and supplier relationships.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enterprise ERP allows you to manage your daily tasks like marketing, sales, HR, accounting, and many more. So, instead of handling different jobs simultaneously, you can opt for this all-in-one solution to streamline your business process. Integrating various roles across your companies can also help improve communication between different departments.

Business Process Management and Automation

Business Process Management & Automation

This enterprise project management software assists you in managing repetitive tasks and processes. When developed properly, it will maximize efficiency and productivity. Then, you will be impressed by how different teams in your company can complete numerous tasks in a short time without sacrificing quality.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration means connecting your enterprise software to Salesforce. This way, you can take advantage of the power of the connected platforms. Moreover, this solution assists you in handling vast amounts of data, analyzing data sets to make strategic decisions, promoting efficient communication, and simplifying operations.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Enterprise CRM is a powerful assistant for managing external relationships with your customers. You can keep your customer data in one place. Then, every team member can check, find, and analyze sales opportunities to improve customer interactions. The ultimate goal of this type is to drive sales by enhancing customer experience.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

You need enterprise data warehouse software to store, retrieve, and aggregate your data from external and internal systems. Then, you can feel free to use it for analysis and reporting. STS Software GmbH deals with data integration, security, storage, compliance, and performance when building data warehousing solutions. So, nothing can bother you because we can get you covered!

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud computing is already popular in the industry, but enterprise cloud computing is different and more advanced for businesses. Cloud-based enterprise solutions allow for both private and public use while giving you a unified environment for centralized management. If you use them, you will reduce the costs of setting up a data center for your business. You can also improve security, flexibility, agility, and accessibility.

STS Software GmbH: Your Trusted Enterprise Software Development Company

We are experts in enterprise application development. Here is what you can receive from partnering with us to develop your enterprise software.

We use the Agile methodology to foster collocation, flexibility, and adaptability during the software development lifecycle. Following Agile principles ensures our solutions are high-quality because we respond actively to user feedback and market trends. In the end, we develop software that is responsive to changing requirements.


We pride ourselves in our technological innovations. Your enterprise software is the product of various advancements, including AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and more. We choose the best technology stacks for your project and master in using them. Thus, you will surely stay ahead of the competition and shine in the dynamic market.


After years of working in the industry, we have the expertise and experience to cope with every situation when working on your enterprise software development project. We have a team of talented enterprise developers, DevOps specialists, project managers, business analysts, QA specialists, and data scientists. Together, you can build a product that exceeds your expectations.


We have in-depth knowledge of developing excellent enterprise software. Our solutions align with your requirements and industry standards. Plus, we have worked in different industries. When joining your project, we know which strategies can bring the best outcome.


Our ISO certifications prove our commitment to following the highest standards. We have a team of proficient enterprise software developers prioritizing quality, compliance, and security in everything we do. So, you can trust that your software is well-built by dedicated professionals at every step of the development process.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Enterprise Application Development Services!

STS Software GmbH delivers superior software products to accelerate your business growth. We are your trusted partner for maximizing your potential. Let's collaborate for success!

We Cover The Full Cycle Of Enterprise Software Development Services

At STS Software GmbH, a reputable enterprise software development company, we have established a robust flow that guarantees proper project management. So you can be confident that your enterprise product will align with your vision and business goals. Here is the full cycle of our custom enterprise software development services:


Project Analysis and Planning

During this first phase, we conduct research and hold meetings with stakeholders to understand their requirements and identify challenges. We also study market trends and your competitors so the final product can resonate with client objectives. At the end of the stage, we create a project plan with detailed timelines and resource allocation.


Enterprise Application Architecture Design

Then, we move to the enterprise application architecture design part. Even though it's about design, we have to consider multiple factors, such as the software's security, performance, and scalability. We also sketch a diagram to illustrate its structure and components so you can understand and fix them if necessary.


UX and UI Design

Once the blueprint is approved, we create a complete enterprise software design by working with wireframes, prototypes, and mockups. UX and UI designs are vital in this stage because they affect user experience. Besides, to ensure you like the product, we send it to you, gather feedback, and refine the design until it meets your expectations.


Enterprise Application Development

Developing enterprise applications is tricky. In this step, our skilled developers work hard on frontend and backend development to bring the design to life. They use various technologies and methodologies in the process. STS Software GmbH prioritizes collaboration and iterative development, too. Thus, we employ Agile methodologies to keep you engaged.


Testing and QA

Testing is important to every stage of the development lifecycle. Our enterprise testing strategy includes non-functional and functional tests. Depending on your requirements, we perform specific types of tests to validate your application's reliability. So, you can be proud when introducing your bug-free and secure product to the market.



After testing the application, we prepare it for deployment. We guarantee that it will launch in the desired setting. Our deployment plan aims to minimize downtime and transition the application smoothly from its development to the production stage. Our testers monitor this process closely to address any issues and challenges that may arise.


Software Delivery

Next, we will deliver the enterprise application to you. Of course, we also send training documentation so end users can use it correctly. Moreover, even at this stage, we are responsive to your feedback. We desire to establish a perfect product that can address specific issues and satisfy your customers.


Maintenance and Support

We are committed to excellence. Thus, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services so your enterprise software can be secure and up-to-date. We also provide regular updates and bug fixes to address your growing needs and technological advancements.

STS Software GmbH delivers first-rate enterprise application development services. With our experience and expertise, you can walk on a streamlined journey from planning to successful deployment. Contact us now to get your project started!


We offer three different models to handle your outsourcing SaaS development projects. Each of them comes with a unique set of advantages, serving different needs.

Dedicated Development Team

If you want a team of experts to work exclusively on your enterprise software development project, consider this model. We will then build a dedicated team that fits into your company. With deep knowledge and experience in the industry, we can foster an efficient approach.

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IT Staff Augmentation

This model is about reinforcing your in-house team with our resources. This way, you can leverage the power of outsourcing by using our skills and capabilities. We also allocate experienced developers to your project to optimize your development process.

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Project-Based Model

If you choose this model, we will run a dedicated team to take care of every step of your development project, from planning to completion. Hence, you can enjoy smooth project management with clear timelines and reduced costs. This method also eliminates the need for managing daily development tasks. So you can focus more on your business activities.

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Our Tools and Technologies

Back-end Development Languages


Front-End Development Languages


App Development


Cloud Computing




Our Advanced Technologies

Our enterprise software development services are top-notch because we use advanced technologies to deliver them. We are always at the forefront of technological development to ensure our clients receive the most advanced products.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Implementing AI in business is popular now, and we don't miss the trend. We use AI and ML tools to build smart systems. Our most outstanding products in this regard include character recognition, object identification, and music recommendations. These innovations can then enhance decision-making, user experience, and business optimization.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based applications are on the rise due to their improved security and scalability. As experts in this sector, we embrace cloud technologies to build your apps. Cloud platforms also help by supporting us in developing and managing enterprise software solutions. Then, you can easily access your data and infrastructure anywhere.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT solutions have changed how businesses use technological devices. We are in charge of integrating IoT so your devices can work and interact seamlessly over the internet. This integration increases employee engagement, encourages data-driven decision-making, and improves response time. Ultimately, you can optimize your business and customer experience.

Computer Science

Computer Science

Software development involves various computer science activities to create, design, run, and maintain software. Thus, when building your enterprise software, we keep this idea in mind to guarantee that the final product is built based on the correct principles and practices.

Big Data

Big Data

Enterprise software keeps vast amounts of data. It means we have to handle big data to develop your app correctly. Our data scientists use business intelligence and other technologies to collect, analyze, and process your business data. When managed properly, the datasets will lead to informed decisions.

Data Science

Data Science

We deal well with data science, too. Every enterprise data scientist in our team is excellent at handling data patterns, insights, and actionable information. We also employ cutting-edge statistical methods to expect trends in the market and recommend the best strategies accordingly.

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Industries We Transform

Custom enterprise software development is vital for every industry. STS Software GmbH excels in adapting to changes, making us an ideal partner for businesses in all sectors. Our solutions are customized to address your industry needs.

Transportation and Logistics

In this sector, we streamline operations and optimize routes to ensure timely deliveries. Plus, we empower your business by implementing advanced tracking systems and inventory management.


Enterprise accounting software can aid in simplifying financial processes. We offer analytics tools to facilitate data-driven decision-making. You can also use them to enhance overall efficiency in managing finances.


STS Software GmbH develops healthcare document management systems for patient care, such as telemedicine platforms and electronic health records. We also free up time by streamlining administrative tasks.

Banking and Finance

When working in this sector, we prioritize security and smooth transactions. We also use a robust invoicing system to enhance customer experience.


We help you build enterprise ecommerce platforms to improve online shopping experiences. In this sector, we focus on backend functionalities, scalable architectures, and attractive interfaces.

Business Software Development

Our solutions cover CRM platforms and HRM systems to drive efficiency. As the top custom enterprise software development company, we can tackle challenges that businesses often encounter.


Enterprise software development offers tons of benefits for businesses, such as cost-saving, time-saving, improved security, enhanced scalability, and promoted collaboration.

The enterprise software development cost can range from $150,000 to $750,000, depending on its size, external integration, deployment method, customer support, and maintenance.

You should consider these factors when choosing between these solutions: 

  • Scalability: Custom enterprise software development services offer a higher level of scalability. 
  • Integration: Custom software is easier to integrate with your existing system.
  • Budget: Custom software requires more upfront investment. Yet, you can save money in the long run. 
  • Features: Off-the-shelf software has standard features, while the custom solution offers exclusive features tailored to your needs. 

There are many types of enterprise apps, such as CRM, ERP, business process management, SCM, data warehousing, and more. You can settle on the best option for your business by considering your needs and available resources.

Yes. Enterprise software development companies can modernize and migrate your legacy systems. So, you just need to choose a reliable partner to ensure a smooth transition, minimize downtime, and enhance user experience. Remember to ask them to keep essential features without affecting functionality.

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