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Custom Software Development

STS Software GmbH – one of the prominent custom software development companies in Central Europe – provides deliberate and devoted assistance to clients from original design to complete production integration. Located in the heart of Europe’s technological hub, STS Software GmbH takes great pride in both the local team and support of 350+ expert software engineers.

There are various ways you can take and end-goal apps you may create with custom software development. STS Software GmbH provides a variety of languages to choose from, including C, Python, JavaScript, Java, and R, to name a few.

No matter what industry or market your business operates in, you can count on receiving top-notch custom software development services from our staff.

STS Software GmbH’s Top-Notch Custom Software Development

Custom software development refers to the process of creating software from the ground up to satisfy the specific needs of an individual business, department, or set of users. When you pick STS Software GmbH for your custom software development project, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to cutting-edge infrastructure and a mature process for producing results. 

Timelines and budgets for completing the project have been laid out in detail and are open for inspection.​

Keeping in mind that each project involves the clients’ ambitions, we always strive to finish and deliver the tasks in line with the progress established.

STS Software GmbH is committed to ensuring that all client information is kept private and of the highest quality in order to maintain the company’s reputation.

If you choose to work with STS Software GmbH, you can assure that your concepts and preferences are carried out with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Our Custom Software Development Services

We have extensive experience and strong abilities in developing enterprise solutions of varying degrees of complexity. Our expertise in BPM, ERP, CRM, and other areas of business enables us to deliver our clients customized solutions that adhere to the standards of excellence recognized worldwide.

Specializing in E-commerce, Online Servicing and Order Processing, Social Networking, and more, STS Software GmbH creates feature-rich customized web applications, sites, and portals for corporate and internet-focused projects.

We are able to give our clients globally recognized, best-practice custom solutions because of our expertise in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration, and other business sectors.

STS Software GmbH provides complete life-cycle support for SaaS-based solutions, including design, implementation, and maintenance. We may create and integrate new SaaS solutions or add-ons for existing or future SaaS applications.

STS Software GmbH has vast practical implementation expertise to select just the most competent and efficient from all the employed approaches, focusing on only the requirements in the straightforward and reliable manner.

We are constantly diligent and do our best to offer high-quality items to market on time, since we have got that quality is the most crucial factor in determining the success of a business.

Benefits Of Custom Software Development​

A One-of-a-Kind Answer

The primary motivation for creating proprietary software is the expectation to obtain full control over the product. Businesses have authority over the software’s features, documentation, development techniques, etc.

No Infrastructure Investment

For young businesses just getting off the ground, the high price tag of software development may be a substantial obstacle. Further, by utilizing custom software development, you may make the most of the hardware’s advantages while spending much less overall on the project.

Reliability to be Enhanced

The dependability of their applications is crucial to their success. When getting a custom software development for your business, your data will be safer, and your solution will be more stable if you develop it from the ground up.

Customized Solution

Adding value to the organization/ consumer loyalty is a primary goal for every successful organization. Because, without a doubt, all clients who choose to utilize a service or product from the company want to feel special in their own manner.

Integration to be Optimized

Modifying company procedures is made easier with custom software development, which allows for seamless integration of new and current programs. Moreover, inaccuracies in commercial off-the-shelf software might result in lower productivity.

The Capacity to Adapt As Needed

Companies and organizations are free to make adjustments to the application at any time. That means, if you’re savvy, you’ll include adaptability as one of the features that must be included in the original project scope. And, based on the project’s unique requirements, the number of engineers participating will be modified to maintain uniformity throughout.

At STS Software GmbH – a prominent software development company in Central Europe, we take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our custom software by having our developers use the most advanced and innovative tools. This ensures that clients have faith in the security of all of our products, both current and future.

And in addition to the benefits of custom software development above, STS Software GmbH definitely brings more value to clients when collaborating. It’s not just an affirmation, but a promise from us!

What We Do For The Custom Software Development

While custom software development utilizes very much the same Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as that of off-the-shelf software, its primary emphasis is on fulfilling a clearly specified set of criteria for a particular group of users. Conversely, commercially available software satisfies the standard requirements of most enterprises.

Developing Detailed Strategies

To assure progress and more efficiently manage the processes of implementation, a strategy with specified dates and outcomes to be reached will be prepared. Moreover, the project’s continuation will go more seamlessly if this plan is implemented. 

Exchange & Acknowledgment

We pass over all of the code and accept whatever changes are made to accommodate the client’s needs. Once the relevant requirements have been updated, the technical team will perform modification and adjustment to ensure the output meets the expectations. At that point of time, the project will be finished.


Experts are now working hard to achieve their milestone deadlines. After each phase, we’ll present the findings to the client and solicit feedback for any necessary revisions. At this stage, we maintain a consistent and active stance to our job.

Extended Discussion

It is just as necessary to get down together and debate the concept once the rough draft has been created. Because via these talks we can better grasp the hidden requirements and existing code base and the real demands of our clients when adopting this method.

Research & Evaluate your Project

To successfully execute a strategy, we must first listen to the views of our clients. At this point, our discussion will serve as a means through which you may get an overview of how easily our solution can adapt to your specific needs. 

Choose STS Software GmbH to Begin Your Custom Software Development Project!

We’ll start by discussing your needs and providing feedback on how to proceed with your custom software development project’s budget, timeline, and scope.

As an Agile custom application development company reputable in Central Europe – If we kick things off with an MVP production cycle that takes just two to three months, you’ll be able to see the development outcomes.

Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline