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What Is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development means outsourcing software design and development to companies located in other countries. This strategic move helps businesses manage their development experience, optimize their operations, and access the expertise of proficient service providers.

Offshore software companies then become part of the business. However, they just work on the software project by crafting software solutions and contributing valuable expertise to the development project.

what is offshore software development
  • Expected market value in 2030: US$283,457.5 million
  • CAGR: 0.13%

Market Insights

Businesses worldwide are realizing the benefits of offshore software development services. The value of offshore software development market size was US$122,257.5 million in 2021 and is expected to reach US$283,457.5 million by 2030. It also has an impressive CAGR of 0.13% from 2022 to 2030.

STS Software GmbH is proud to lead the way in offshore development services. With years of experience, we've provided dedicated developers to various industries, creating customized solutions that drive your business success. We also offer different services to ensure you can always choose the best one for your needs. And as technology evolves, we keep setting high standards to solidify our position as a top offshore software development company.

Offshore Software Development Services We Offer

STS Software GmbH is known for our reliable offshore development services. We blend expertise with innovation to cover every step of software development.

Custom Software Development

Each business has its own software requirements. That's why we offer offshore custom software development services, designing software based on your business needs. Our approach focuses on streamlining your business operations and enhancing user experience. We combine technical expertise with a commitment to understanding your requirements, ensuring that our solutions can delight your customers.

Offshore Development Center

Offshore development is rising as companies worldwide start to realize the benefits of offshoring. Our offshore development center is a powerhouse of tech expertise that caters to clients around the globe. With a focus on reliability and top-notch quality, our offshore models ensure partners achieve their goals. We also aim to build long-term bonds on trust, teamwork, and mutual goals. It's how we pave the way for lasting success.

QA & Software Testing

We focus on delivering powerful software for business. Since quality, as part of the development process, is our top priority, we offer offshore testing services to ensure the best results. Our offshore QA team examines every software solution to guarantee it is bug-free, operates seamlessly, and aligns with international quality standards. Thanks to the meticulous testing process, you will be confident when introducing your software to the public.

Web Application Development

In today's digital age, user-friendly web applications are essential for connecting with your customers. Our team of skilled offshore web developers can use cutting-edge technology to craft intuitive web apps for your business. We cover all stages of web development, from building a strong foundation to designing attractive interfaces. With our offshore experts, you will get a complete solution that grows your online presence and engages your target audiences effectively.

Mobile App Development

Mobile devices are dominating the world. Thus, developing a mobile app is one of the best ways to make your business thrive. We build apps for various platforms and devices. Our offshore mobile app development services aim to enhance user engagement, increase your brand awareness, and deliver value through apps. With our offshore team, you can surely stay ahead of the competition.

Software Product Development

Our custom software product development services guarantee custom-made solutions that are ready for market success. We handle every step of the process, from idea to release. Our offshore developers focus on creating software products that come with a long list of powerful features. Ultimately, they can satisfy your target customers. With us, your software will exceed your expectations and stand out in the competitive market.

UX/UI Design

User experience determines how successful your software is. Most users claim to quit websites and web apps that have poor interfaces. Thus, if you plan to build software, consider our UX/UI design services to create engaging products that grab your customers' attention right from first sight. Our goal is to ensure users are satisfied. Every detail our UX developers design is aimed at making their journey easier and more enjoyable.

AI Development

We always keep up with new trends in the industry. If you are ready to step into this dynamic field with AI solutions, choose our AI development services. Our technologies simplify repetitive tasks, enhance user interactions, and help you shine in the digital age. Once you collaborate with our AI developers, you can reshape the landscape of new opportunities for advancement.

DevOps Development Services

Our offshore DevOps solutions are the bridge between development and operations. They help speed up the software development process and quick integration while ensuring smooth collaboration. This way, you can keep pace with the dynamic business landscape. Plus, this combination guarantees optimal software performance and scalability to empower your business. You can also foster a culture of teamwork and efficiency, which is the key to success in the challenging market environment.

Hire Offshore Developers

We are proud to gather skilled professionals in the industry. You can access our offshore software developers that bring your vision to life by working with us. They try to understand your needs, learn your business culture, and help you overcome challenges. All their efforts ensure outstanding results that grow your business. They also keep you engaged in the software development project so you can observe every step and make necessary changes.

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The Advantages Of Offshore Development Services

Choosing to partner with an offshore software company is a real game-changer. Let's explore the benefits you can get from offshore development services.

Cost Efficiency

Offshoring software development to a third-party vendor eliminates the need to invest in infrastructure, equipment, and other overhead expenses. Moreover, you can work with skilled professionals in countries where labor costs are lower. These benefits result in significant savings.

Access to Global Talent Pool

Offshore software development services open doors to a wealth of excellent developers. These experts are proven to offer diverse skills to build your software. They also know which technology stacks can work best for your project, hence optimizing its performance.

No Employee Training Costs

Running an in-house team to build your software may cost more money in the long term because you have to invest in human resource management. This process involves hiring, training, and firing. But if you have a partner to deal with your software, you can save training costs.

Convenient Team Scaling

Offshore development companies can be flexible. They can fit into any project scale, from startups to enterprises. This high level of scalability ensures alignment with your business needs. As your company expands, your partner will grow, too, to guarantee continuous support and success.

Fast Time-To-Market

Your offshore teams work on the project continuously. Furthermore, they are proficient in developing software and can adapt to changing needs. Hence, by choosing a top offshore software development company, you can accelerate time-to-market.

Focus On Core Business

If software development is part of your non-core functions, consider hiring offshore software development teams to take care of it. Then, you can trust their expertise while having more time for strategies to increase revenue. You can also allocate more resources to your core business activities.

Why Should You Choose STS Software GmbH For Offshore Software Development?

Finding the right offshore software development company is tricky, but STS Software GmbH shines as a reliable destination for businesses worldwide. We are here to build strong partnerships and deliver exceptional offshore software services that make a difference.

cost effective

One of the most significant advantages of offshoring software development is cost reduction. By working with our skilled offshore developers, you can enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective workforce without compromising quality. Plus, you don't have to manage your in-house staff, which demands a high cost.

International Business Network

After years of working in the industry, we have gained a reputation as a top agile offshore software development company. Your partnership with us will guide you to a global community where you can access advanced technologies. The popularity also proves our commitment to excellence.

Talented AI Developers in their Youth

We always maintain the highest level of flexibility to always be ready to support clients in a diverse range of sectors by using AI to tackle unique obstacles and seize new possibilities. Customization of AI solutions to fulfill specific industry needs and goals is what we call on-demand customization. And of course this diversity and flexibility is demonstrated at each stage, throughout the entire artificial intelligence development process.

As one of the best offshore software development companies, we gather Swiss developers who are well-educated, well-trained, and proficient in developing various types of software. If you choose us as your offshore partner, you will surely have a chance to work with our qualified developers. They are committed to your project and are always here to support you every step of the way.

ISO Certifications

We understand the importance of keeping your project's data secure. So, we perform robust measures to maintain strict confidentiality throughout the development process. There won't be unauthorized access or data leaks to worry about. Your project can then run smoothly and safely without any security issues.

reduced risks

Every offshore agile software development project has hidden risks. That's why we prioritize minimizing risk by adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 when developing your software. We also conduct risk assessments at every stage of the project to identify potential issues early on and prevent them from impacting project delivery.

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Engagement Models For Offshore Software Outsourcing

STS Software GmbH offers different offshore software outsourcing models. You can choose the most suitable one after considering your specific needs.

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers form a dedicated team that works exclusively on your project. They are part of your business, too, so they can align with your culture and strategic goals. This model is ideal for those who need deep knowledge and consistent expertise.

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dedicated development team model
It staff augmentation model

Staff Augmentation

This model is suitable for integrating our developers into your team. For example, you just need extra help for your upcoming projects, which may fluctuate and have changing requirements. Then, you can use external expertise from an offshore software development outsourcing company to drive your development process.

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Time & Material Contracts

This billing system says that the offshore company only charges you for what you exactly use for your project. Thus, it works best for projects with ever-changing demands. We can satisfy your unique needs once you set requirements for your project. Of course, the criteria are not strictly set from the start because you can change them later.

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time and material
project-based model

Project-Based Model

In this offshore development model, you need to hand over a complete project to our offshore software engineering team. Then, we have full ownership to ensure the project meets the specified outcomes. You can opt for this method if your complex projects demand exceptional execution. Since we take care of every aspect of the software, we can reduce time-to-market and save costs.

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Don't let challenges hold you back! Contact us now to unlock the potential of offshore software development and head to success together!

Industries We Serve

STS Software GmbH provides solutions tailored to each industry's unique needs. Let's take a look at the wide range of industries we serve:

Transportation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics industries demand precision. Hence, our offshore software development teams try to offer digital solutions to optimize route management, track shipments in real-time, and streamline fleet operations. It's how we lead the way in the modern supply chain landscape.


Accounting is not only about numbers. As technology evolves, this industry requires digital transformation. Our solutions utilize advanced AI analytics and cloud computing to simplify financial processes while ensuring accuracy. Regulatory compliance is part of our strategies, too.


Our apps give healthcare institutions access to advanced electronic health records and patient monitoring systems. They can then provide their patients with the best possible support and treatment. Our offshore software development service also helps patients receive support when they need it the most.

Banking and Finance

STS Software focuses on encrypted transactions, user-friendly interfaces, and smooth finance management when building baking software. With this approach, we can protect your financial information and make it easier for you to manage your money effectively.

Business Software Development

From CRM systems to ERP solutions, our software tools can surely boost productivity, improve workflow, and support data-driven strategies. By partnering with us, you can focus on growing your business and achieving our goals.


You need a comprehensive plan to grow in the competitive e-commerce industry. So, think of us as your secret weapon. As an experienced offshore development company, we can help you take one step ahead of the competition by improving user experience, securing transactions, and working with powerful analytics tools.

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You should partner with offshore software development companies in these cases:

  • You need more time for your core business activities.
  • Your in-house team is not confident in specific expertise.
  • You want to reduce development costs and speed up time-to-market.

Before partnering with offshore development companies, you need to learn about them by checking their experience, expertise, and communications. Then, outline your project’s scope, timeline, and budget to ensure your partner understands your needs.

The offshore software development cost depends on multiple factors, such as project complexity, geographical location, duration, and technologies. But generally, offshore development costs less than creating your own team. The key is to choose a reliable offshore software development company to save your money.

You can manage an offshore team by choosing a reliable offshore software development partner. Then, conduct assessments regularly and hold frequent meetings to ensure everyone in the team is on the same page. 

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