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What is Minimum Viable Product?

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the early version of a product that comes with all the basic features. This product serves early adopters who will provide feedback for further software product development.

Developing an MVP is essential for businesses of all sizes. MVP development for startups and enterprises helps them gain user feedback to make iterations before spending too much effort and money on it. This process also helps verify market demands and enhance customer satisfaction.

STS Software GmBH - Leading mvp development company in Switzerland

You can choose reliable MVP developers to validate your ideas and save money. Among the numerous options out there, STS Software GmbH shines out for our skilled developers and experience in various industries.

With our MVP development services, you can dominate your market niche with a high-quality product!

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Our Custom MVP Software Development Services

STS Software GmbH offers three different bespoke MVP development services, each catering to specific needs. Let's see what you can get from each solution!

end-to-end mvp development

End-to-End MVP Development

Our end-to-end MVP development services cover every stage of the MVP creation process. As a dedicated MVP development company, we work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop your perfect MVP in an agile approach. Here is what we include in this service package:

  • UX and UI design
  • Integrations with third-party systems
  • Evaluation of MVP performance
  • MVP development and testing
  • MVP launch and support

MVP Development Consulting

You can build your own MVP product, but doing it without expert support must be challenging. But no worries! We also have MVP software development consulting services to guide you through this tricky journey.

We consult on tech stacks, functionality, and ideation to help you identify key features for your MVP. With our help, you can easily develop a roadmap for MVP success.

mvp development consulting
MVP to Full-Scale Product

MVP to Full-Scale Product

You need our MVP development services to transform a simple MVP into a fully-scale product. So, after ensuring the launch of your MVP successfully, we will continue working with you to scale the solution to meet your business needs. Then, your MVP can turn into a market-leading product.

Types Of Minimum Viable Products (mvps) We Develop

There are multiple types of MVP development because businesses have different needs. At STS Software GmbH, you can choose from these options:

No-Code MVP Development

No-code MVP development allows businesses to create MVP without coding. You can use ready-made elements and drag-and-drop tools for this task. There are two methods to nail no-code MVP development:

  • MVP Landing Page: We use landing pages to represent your MVP. Then, we can evaluate user interest in the product by adding sign-up options and request forms.
  • Wizard of Oz MVP (Flintstone MVP): In this manner, we advertise your MVP and its process automation. Interestingly, we handle such minimum viable product development services manually. This approach allows for running advanced features without heavy investment.

Code-Based MVP Development

Code-based MVP development is the traditional method. Our developers hand-code every feature of your MVP for enhanced customization and precision. We deal with this type of MVP in two ways:

  • Single-feature MVP: Our MVP development team focuses on one key feature that represents the core value of your product. By prioritizing this crucial element, we can gather valuable user feedback.
  • Piecemeal MVP: We build a custom app by integrating basic features from ready-made elements. This way, your MVP can come with a higher level of customization and meet your specific requirements.

Looking For MVP Development Services?

Check out STS Software GmbH today! We offer cutting-edge technologies and experienced developers that turn your vision into a successful product!

MVP vs. Prototype vs. PoC: What's The Difference?

MVP, Prototype, and PoC are popular methods to test your ideas before introducing them to the market. Each has its own set of advantages and works best in some instances. Here is a rundown of some differences between them.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • Target audience: Internal teams (investors, developers, potential partners, and stakeholders)
  • Key purpose: To validate the product's feasibility


  • Target audience: Internal teams (stakeholders, potential users, investors, and focus groups).
  • Key purpose: To visualize the solution.


  • Target audience: External audience (early adopters, investors, and potential customers).
  • Key purpose: To test the product based on end-user feedback.

Benefits Of MVP Development With STS Software GmbH

STS Software GmbH has a wide range of MVP development services tailored to your needs. Discover the benefits you can get from partnering with us now!

Cost Effectiveness

We prioritize cost-effectiveness when working on your MVP software development process. Our streamlined procedures and experience in team management help you achieve your goals within budget constraints. Moreover, we only use basic features and minimum time to build your MVP. Thus, you can reduce the cost to build an MVP significantly.

Fast Time-To-Market

You can create an MVP for your own business using no-code development tools. However, the learning curve may take a lot of time, and you can't ensure its quality. Meanwhile, if you choose MVP software development services, we can launch your product faster as we work exclusively on your project. This acceleration can speed up time-to-market without sacrificing your product's performance.

Talented & Enthusiastic Developers

We gather a team of expert MVP developers, business analysts, UX experts, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers to deliver top-notch custom MVP software development solutions. Our team brings creativity and dedication to your project. We understand MVP development deeply, plan perfect strategies and sketch a meticulous roadmap to success. With our help, you can ensure a high-quality MVP that exceeds expectations.

Access To Advanced Technologies

Developing an MVP calls for various technologies. But don't worry! STS Software GmbH stays updated with the latest technological trends and tools. Thus, we can leverage cutting-edge solutions for optimal results. The advanced technologies also allow us to enhance performance, functionality, and user experience. So choose us, and you will stay ahead of the competition.

Early Feedback

You can benefit from early feedback to enable rapid MVP design and development. We try to engage users early in the MVP development process, gathering their insights and finding room for improvement. The continuous feedback helps ensure that the final product satisfies user needs. Early reviews also minimize the risk of developing features that may not please your audience. In the end, you can experience a more successful MVP launch.

24/7 Support

We accompany you in every step of the MVP development journey. We offer 24/7 support for continuous assistance. Our dedicated team works around the clock to address any unexpected issues and give you guidance whenever you need us. At STS Software GmbH, we prioritize long-term relationships and customer satisfaction. Thus, we work diligently to bring success to your business and stay with you for as long as possible.

Why choose STS Software GmbH as your Trusted MVP Development Company?

Choose STS Software GmbH for your MVP development project and unlock your potential. We can upgrade your MVP to the next level because we have:

  • Expertise in MVP development that ensures we can deal well with different situations, including handling SaaS MVP, startups MVP, and many more.
  • Experience in various domains such as retail, finance, and healthcare, to cater to various needs.
  • Trust from global brands from Germany, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, etc due to our commitment to excellence when delivering custom MVP development solutions.
  • Strong Agile and DevOps cultures to ensure efficient project delivery.
  • ISO certifications that reflect our dedication to following the highest standards of quality.
  • Young and dynamic MVP developers with a great attitude to drive your project to success.
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So take action now! Start by visiting STS Software GmbH for expert guidance! As a leading MVP software development agency, we offer unmatched MVP development services to pave the way for your business growth!

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product? Here Is Our Process!

Our team of MVP experts has established a comprehensive MVP development process with five key steps:


Discovery and MVP planning

Before starting any idea, our business analysts ensure it satisfies user needs. So, our MVP software development services first help analyze the core problems you want to solve and the features your product should have. These ideas will act as the MVP roadmap for the project.

We also sketch MVP architecture design and plan MVP integrations to help you picture your product clearly. At the end of the stage, we decide on the best technology stack for your MVP.


Proof-of-Concept and Rapid Prototyping (Optional)

PoCs and prototypes can help internal teams validate your ideas and gather feedback before investing more in the product. You can then determine the viability and feasibility of your solution.

However, MVP prototyping and PoC are optional. Our team is flexible to offer the best services depending on your needs.


MVP Development Project Planning

Our MVP development services involve a meticulous plan for your project. In this step, we define your project parameters and select a suitable project management methodology.

  • Project parameters: We outline your project's scope, deliverables, budget, and timeline. Clear definition ensures that your project always stays focused on its primary goals.
  • Project management methodologies: Agile and Scrum are the best choices for MVP development because they allow for continuous feedback. This way, you can respond quickly to changing requirements.


MVP Development

An MVP consists of multiple parts. We cover all of them in this MVP software development stage:

  • MVP UX design: The UX design focuses on usability and user satisfaction so the final product can meet the expectations of its intended audience.
  • MVP UI design: The UI design works on the visual and aesthetic appeal of the MVP. It should align with your brand identity and enhance user engagement.
  • MVP coding: MVP coding involves backend and frontend development that brings your MVP design to life. After coding, we test its performance and functionality to address issues early on.


MVP Launch and Support

This final step entails launching the MVP for user access. Our MVP development services deal with it by deploying the ready-to-use product to its production environment.

Complex MVPs may demand more tests at this stage. We also redefine or validate user stories, identify risks, update our risk management plan, and adjust features if needed.

Technologies We Employ in MVP Development

Back-end Development Languages


Front-end Development Languages








OUR MVP Software Development Models

STS Software GmbH follows strategic methods to deliver customized solutions based on your requirements. We provide two MVP software development models for you.

Developing an MVP from the Ground Up

Developing an MVP from the Ground Up

We work closely with you from the beginning of creating a minimum viable product. Together, we refine your concept, streamline processes, and predict potential challenges. Then, our team designs and develops the MVP that resonates with your business goals. Throughout the process, we send regular reports to keep you informed and make adjustments when needed. This method also encourages smooth collaboration and transparency.

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Dedicated Team for MVP Development Project

We build a dedicated development team of MVP experts who act as an extension of your own company. This model is quite popular when you look for an MVP development agency. If you outsource MVP development this way, you can maintain complete control over your project. You guide the dedicated team during the development process while accessing our resources. This method then opens up more opportunities to succeed as you benefit from flexibility and scalability.

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Startups should outsource their MVP development because they can access more specialists, reduce costs, accelerate their turnarounds, and focus more on their business activities. There are also many MVP development services for startups to choose from.

The MVP development cost can range from $15,000 – $150,000, depending on the following factors:

  • Type of software: SaaS, mobile, desktop, or web
  • Complexity and number of features, integrations with external systems, and UI/UI design
  • Other requirements for MVP: Security, scalability, and performance

It often takes about three to four months to build an MVP, depending on its design complexity, features set, and human resources.

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