Our Challenges

Many businesses inside.

Tax Computation needs 100% cover all cases and the exact amount.

Multiple currencies are supported.


Follow exactly existing herd copy of Tax Questionnaires.

Refer to IRAS documents.

Currency Rate use API from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (http://www.mas.gov.sg/)

Do comparison testing to ensure tax computation result is correct.


CRM integration.

Permission support to control fields visible, disable, or not for the different user roles.

IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore) integration: submit XML file to IRAS: IR21; Form B1.

Full Individual Tax Information - 16 Tax Questionnaire Sections for both Employee and Employer.

Tax Computation: Multiple formulas by configurable and export results to PDF files.

  • .NET Core 2
  • jQuery DataTable
  • Entity Framework Core 2
  • Auto Mapper
  • Fluent Validation 
  • Hangfire (Background Job) 
  • Swagger: Gen and UI

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