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We boast extensive experience in a variety of AI development skills such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, predictive analytics and robotic process automation (RPA).

STS Software GmbH is continually striving to deliver the most innovative and thoughtful technology to consumers in order to provide the finest software solutions to the market. Our Artificial Intelligence experience includes machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation (RPA).

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Our AI Development Expertise

Computer Vision

To boost the efficiency of business operations, computer vision development services are utilized to glean useful information and data from real-time and historic video feeds.

Machine learning

Data-driven decision making, reduced risk, and higher efficiency management are all possible outcomes of using machine learning to your operational processes.

Image Recognition

Data analysis and classification may be sped up and made more precise with the help of bespoke apps built using computer vision technologies for picture recognition, processing, and object detection.

Natural Language Processing

Smart solutions based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) are developed to aid in the comprehension, analysis, and modification of human language. Queries, corporate data entries, audio sources, and web data are significant types of data that may benefit from our NLP expertise.

AI-Assisted Chatbot Development

You may improve your customer service with the help of our artificial intelligence chatbot development services. More sales may be made with the help of our sophisticated chatbot systems and one-on-one communication with customers.

We develop stunning web applications that can help you increase customer engagement.

About Us

The Industries Benefit From
Our Experience in Al Software Development

The Industries Benefit From Our Experience in Al Software Development


Automation of your knowledge base, defense against cyber threats, and increased profitability are all possible in the banking industry thanks to the use of AI and ML algorithms.


AI-enabled home medical gadgets and developments in humanoid design are facilitating the administration of proactive health care.

Real Estate

AI-driven solutions make feasible asset management, property appraisal, simplified cooperation, peer-to-peer transactions, supply chain management, and more.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is being utilized more and more in the retail sector to forecast client behavior, improve in-store operations, and provide more tailored suggestions to shoppers and business owners alike.


Chatbots may help users maintain tabs on their personal finances, while also providing them with access to relevant market data and a means to protect their identity.

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STS Software GmbH, Cost-Savings on AI and Machine Learning Development Services

Our pre-requisite strategy for 2022 is to pursue a number of big clients and partner initiatives, create a system of workspaces that adheres to the specifications and is up to code. In addition, STS Software GmbH places a high priority on ensuring that no one’s potential is overlooked. It is our goal to provide the greatest working conditions and perks for our workers.

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How we work

Proof of concept

STS Software GmbH has shown expertise in AI development and can assist you in putting machine learning technology to work for your company. We do not provide cookie-cutter solutions but rather individualize our services to meet your requirements.

Project Research

To ensure that we are always one step ahead of the competition, we place a significant focus on research and development. We have a committed group of industry professionals that are always looking into innovative approaches to problem-solving using AI and machine learning.

Product Delivery

We provide flexible options for developing machine learning and artificial intelligence systems to meet your unique requirements. When we have got a good grasp on what you want to accomplish, we can craft a strategy that will get you there.

Continuous Support

STS Software GmbH considers advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence as crucial to the success of businesses in the future. All the way through, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the most out of these tools.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, since it is an instrument — a fantastic helper — to improve human efficiency in the workplace. However, this is not the case since AI is currently limited in its ability to do certain complex and nuanced tasks. Misunderstandings may arise, for instance, when topics like gender, emotions, and objectives are all brought up at once. Advanced deep learning’s complicated responses dispel any air of mystique around AI.

Intuitive reasoning is required for the development of algorithms. The HITL (Human-in-the-Loop) concept is used by professionals to guarantee a smooth and reliable process. The worry that artificial intelligence (AI) would cause a loss of jobs is widespread. Still, the highest salaries are held by machine learning (ML) engineers and data scientists.

Humanity’s future may lie in AI, but it won’t be able to predict everything perfectly. Machine learning algorithms can only reliably predict the future if sufficient historical data is available. Artificial intelligence (AI) depends on prior events for its data set, yet those activities may not have happened yet, making it impossible to make reliable estimates about the future using machine learning-based models.

It’s unclear when this adage first appeared, but it’s become a common response whenever non-IT professionals hear the phrases machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI). The two most important factors in the development of successful machine learning systems are training and data collection.

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In only two to three months, you’ll have first-hand experience with the development results if we start with a rapid MVP production. 

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