Utilizing AI-based Computer Vision techniques, the Product Recognition system autonomously detects and categorizes products present within images or videos. Through a comprehensive analysis of the visual attributes of products, including their shapes, colors, and textures, the AI system is capable of precisely identifying particular products or brands.

The broad scope of this AI-powered technology enables its application in diverse domains such as retail inventory management, AI-driven product recommendation systems, and visual search engines.




Product recognition system is an AI-powered computer vision technology that aims to identify products in an image or a video. The system uses AI-based deep learning algorithms to detect and classify products based on their visual appearance, such as shape, color, texture, and size.


The product recognition system has many applications in the retail industry, such as inventory management, product recommendation, and customer behavior analysis. By automatically detecting and classifying products, the system can help retailers to optimize their inventory, improve customer experience, and increase sales.


The Product Recognize will be implemented using various computer vision libraries, such as OpenCV and TensorFlow, and be integrated with other technologies such as barcodes to improve its accuracy and efficiency.
Our approaches for the Product Recognition system are in two ways (depending on the use case and available resources). Here are approaches:


Image-based Recognition

This approach involves training a computer vision model to recognize product images. Deep learning models such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) can be trained using frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch to recognize products in images. Once trained, the model can be integrated into a system that can take an input image and output the recognized product.


Barcode/QR Code Recognition

This approach involves recognizing the barcode or QR code on a product to identify it. Once the code is scanned, the corresponding product information can be retrieved from a database.



Step 01

Access to the Product Recognition site: product-search/. Or you can access the main Saigon Technology AI Research Lab page here: , select the Product Recognition section and click Try our demo button.


Step 02

On the Product Recognition page, to start please submit a picture of the product that you want to recognize.


Step 03

Or you could choose a sample picture in the sidebar by clicking on it.


Step 04

The chosen picture will be displayed on the main page, click the Run button to start recognizing it.


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