What The Client Wanted

The client wants to build a cross-platform system to make a booking system. Connect from institution and transporter in the simple and fastest way.
The first step is to build up a booking webapp, and transporter mobile app. So the Triptomatic system can manage the booking from customers and dispatch the transport to the transporter. But the main point of this system is support in the medical area.

Manage Transports (Include outbound and return transport) with multiple Transport status

Manage Vehicles (Include transporter information)

Managing all invoices on the Cloud.

Manage Invoices

Chat platform from transporter, passenger and administrator

Building APIs allows other systems to integrate.


The client expected STS Software GmbH to join the current project and undertake to build a new system with the entire array of infrastructure design and construction. And it’s also combined with the previous project. So STS Software GmbH, starting with 1 Web Developer and 1 Mobile Developer and a Project Manager. After one year, the number of team members still remains.
STS Software GmbH's methodologies tailored to cater for the Clients specific needs were adopted and specialized processes and standards. STS Software GmbH built new features and Triptomatic carried about testing, review and on live the feature to production.




React Native – Cross Platforms App Development

Reactjs - Web application


Google Map API

Entity Framework 6.1.3

Twilio (Chat Sdk)



Web Component (At the first time of project)

Building A Team
Long Term Developers
STS Software GmbH provided a team of long term Developers for the Clients. Step over step, they learned the business logic and now they can join to propose the good idea and solve any business problems.
Agile Scrum
Agile Scrum is applied to manage project management.
STS Software GmbH also provided all of the necessary resources in order to bring the best service, such as: Project Manager, Technical Architect, Designer, Team Leader, Tester and team members to support the job.
Infrastructure Set-Up
Communication Tools

Other communication tools such as Skype, Slack & Zoom were also used.

Project Management Software

Alatsian was the main tool used to manage:

• Project progress
• Code quality control
• Documentation


Multi-tenancy, system as a service and scalable concepts were the core of project structure and feature development. Low latency was also required as a completion criteria.


.NET framework and Angular were the primary coding languages used in the development.
SQL server and MongoDB were also used in the core of the system.

Flexible System

As a flexible system, all features must be configabe by users. Beside that, the team must integrate with other external services such as: MYOB, ConnectTrak, AWS S3, Amazon Cloud Service.


• Internal daily meetings were held between the STS Software GmbH team and the Client so that daily work reports were deployed from the start of the project.

• The STS Software GmbH team reviewed every 2 weeks with the Client to show results and get feedback.

• Project Manager designed a general plan for 12 months, the functions were broken down by milestones and reported by the PM every quarter.


The work efficiency was significantly improved on the client's side.

The mature model of Abstract Technology's offshore development center guaranteed cost efficiency for the client.

Agile troubleshooting response and quick enhancement from offshore software development company enabled the client to rapidly enhance its technical competence.

More systematically testing ensured the enhanced system ran smoothly to cope with heavy data load.


• The customer support team requires a user interface that allows them to easily manage and monitor client subscriptions.

• The design needs to consider unskilled IT users.

• Interactive scheduling screens with drag & drop capabilities.

• Ability to create fillable PDF on Web App for completion on mobile apps.

• Real-time messenger, push notifications.

• Database management for transporters, customers, vehicles.

• Clients required developer new feature with a time not too slow (as fast as possible)

• Clients change the requirement technology quite a lot of time. Need to rebuild a system from scratch 3 times. And a lot of new libraries apply and change. Take time to write and remove functions.


• Clients change the requirement technology quite a lot of time. Need to rebuild a system from scratch 3 times. And a lot of new libraries apply and change. Take time to write and remove functions.

• Use Reactjs and React Native to build the client side. Nodejs to build server side.

• Think like a non-technical user, and base design on their feedback

• Modify external library to process PDF on web and mobile

• Use Twilio to handle real-time chat system

• Use Alatsian and AWS to auto-build and deliver new software updates

• Write automation test scripts with Jest

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