Ticketing Management System



The client is a full-fledged event production company. Founded in 2002, they have collaborated and executed events for private and corporate customers, offering a comprehensive service that includes conceptualization, planning, promotion, execution, and delivery.

Our client came to us with a particular request: to develop a booking system that would speed their ticketing process and improve the customer experience as a whole. The project is broken down into three components: a QR code scanner app, a backend system for handling numerous ticket purchase and collecting locations, and an aesthetically attractive home page for easy ticket booking.

Ticketing Management System
What The Client Required

Users would enjoy a hassle-free admission experience thanks to the QR code scanner app’s rapid and efficient ticket validation. Besides, our client would be able to easily construct and administer several ticketing sites thanks to the backend technology, assuring seamless operations across many locations. Finally, the engaging landing page will act as an online platform for consumers to easily explore and buy tickets.

Given the timing restrictions, our development team painstakingly planned the project’s execution to guarantee timely delivery while maintaining quality. We utilized agile development approaches, prioritizing critical features and staying in regular contact with the client throughout the process.

Landing Page for Booking

Login Module for Backend

Order Management

Institute & Ticket Management

QR Code Scanner

Stripe Integration

Automated Emailing for confirmation & waiting list email

Challenges We Encounter

The project was required to be finished within a timeframe of 10 working days.

The primary client was unable to supply the necessary materials for the project until the final 02 days.


A page dedicated to the event itself.

No watermarks over the ticketing portal.

The purpose of this system was to facilitate the management of new institutions and ticket counts on the backend.

The system had the capability to perform cross-checking with the Stripe payment log in order to verify the accuracy of all payments and facilitate the resolution of payment disputes.


The appropriate technology for this project was determined through the utilization of well-established methodologies. It was imperative to execute the subsequent stages in a systematic manner.

Website: PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap

Mobile app: ReactNative (Android use only)

Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline