Our Challenges

Complex business model;

The customer-provided design lacked adherence to optimal mobile user interface standards;

The process was designed to facilitate interoperability across multiple platforms and disparate services;

The product manager signed off on the client side. We had to work directly with the Product Owner, who was not a technical person;

Inconsistencies between the testing and live environments resulted in unanticipated system issues.


Thoroughly discussed and clarified all requirements prior to commencing development or executing updates;

Adopted a user-centric approach to design and incorporate feedback from non-technical users;

Upon gaining a comprehensive comprehension of the user's requirements, the proficient designer shall proceed to construct a proposed wireframe;

Testers prioritized the creation of comprehensive test scenarios in order to mitigate the likelihood of potential issues arising;

Designed and implemented a modular system that can dynamically adjust and rapidly respond to user updates;

The user's data was encrypted to ensure maximum security;

Optimized the UX for users is contingent upon the platform being utilized;

Provided prompt user support in the event of an issue to mitigate any potential consequences.


Specifically, the Saigon Technology team utilized the following technologies in this Survey project for Innobay Group:

  • MySQL;
  • Native mobile application development using Swift and Kotlin;
  • Crash tracking;
  • Analytics;
  • Social sign-on, sharing;
  • Location monitoring;
  • Local notification or push notification;
  • 2-way encryption, 1-way encryption, hashing.

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