Mobile – GPS Tracking – Alarm

SOS Pro is an advanced personnel alarm for the professional market. It is employed by security firms, municipalities, and private businesses. If the employees are feeling unsafe at work, SOS Pro can provide quick and effective notice in emergency scenarios. 

Security firms, public agencies, and private businesses all utilize the system. SOS Pro is capable of both outdoor and interior placement. Triangulation via wifi, GSM, and GPS is used for outdoor positioning. This three-layer location technique is more accurate and resilient than typical violence alarms. We can also provide indoor positioning by recognizing locations within using wifi fingerprints.

What The Client Required

SOS Pro is a dependable and strong option for emergencies thanks to its cutting-edge technology and extensive functionality.

SOS Pro is equipped with both interior and outdoor maps, allowing for precise localization by triangulation via WIFI, GSM, and GPS. The software uses fingerprints from wireless networks for inside locating and GPS for outdoor monitoring, ensuring the safety of your workers no matter where they are. Employers and workers alike may rest easy knowing that this multi-layered technique yields superior accuracy compared to conventional solutions.

Secure your employees where they are. The system works with indoor and outdoor maps.

Uses triangulation over WIFI, GSM, and GPS for outdoor positioning.

Indoors, fingerprints from wireless networks are used. More accurate than traditional systems.

Advanced technology makes it easy. Just a big, red button to deal with in an emergency.

In the event of an alarm, an emergency message with the exact position is sent by SMS to your company’s notification list.

SOS Pro is based on the technology from SOS Friends, which has the Research Council’s approval as a research project.

Challenges We Encounter

Due to the time constraint of a 4.5-month deadline, it was necessary to assemble a sizable team consisting of 12 members.

There is an excessive number of concealed business entities within the realm of space and access management.

The primary contact point was modified by the client during the course of the project.

The comprehension of business logic posed a significant challenge.

The client possessed a divergent perspective regarding the UI/UX design.

It was necessary to ensure the accurate delivery of the intended message to the designated recipient using the Firebase platform.

We were required to adhere to the ISO 9001 standard.


Responsibility for each member (development lead, design lead, QA lead) was delegated.

Inquired about specific information, record the responses, and subsequently revise the detailed requirements accordingly.

The revised version of the detailed requirements was shared with the new team members.

In this section, we proceeded with the requested demonstration by gathering the business flows associated with the previous system.

The Invision platform was utilized to facilitate the sharing of the user experience (UX) of the application and system.

The utilization of external libraries was implemented to manage the integration of Twilio and Clickatell.

The documents were revised to comply with the ISO 9001 standard.


For the SOS Pro project, STS Software’s technical team used the following technologies:

  • PHP: Zend Framework 2.x
  • Object C
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Mobile app – offline mode
  • Firebase
  • Twilio, Clickatell

Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline