SCM Portal


SCM Portal

Field Management

The client expressed an interest to develop an internal system that can seamlessly integrate with their SAP and ERP solution, specifically for PR/PO/RFQ related to vessel assembly and service demand.

The primary web-based software solution utilized by MEO for centralized management of both internal and external systems, services, and modules is Poseidon Office, which provided a unified landing page.

scm portal
Challenges We Encounter

The logic and workflow of the system were highly intricate.

The complex user interface was generated using Excel and dynamically refreshed as per user requirements.

Facilitated seamless integration with external teams, vessel team, and Sap team while accounting for numerous dependencies.

The scale and intricacy of the system necessitated specialized expertise in both technology and domain knowledge, rendering it impractical for any individual to possess comprehensive mastery.

The database design underwent frequent updates and was subject to external dependencies with other system databases.


Collaborated closely with stakeholders to facilitate cross-functional knowledge transfer, align team members, and establish optimal resolution strategies for every feature.

Developed a scalable database schema and codebase that could be easily modified and adjusted to accommodate future changes.

Took control of the database part and reduced dependencies on other teams as much as possible. 

Ensured proper management of scope and prioritization of tasks in accordance with the workflow demands.

Generated synthetic test data and implemented workarounds to circumvent workflow bottlenecks caused by inter-team dependencies.


This project was implemented by the STS Software team using the following technologies:

React Native

.Net backend

Deploy backend on AWS

ReactJS to build Front End website – OneSignal push not

Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline