Plumber App

Plumber App is a simple but powerful smartphone application developed to help a plumbing firm with various teams and project locations improve their time-tracking process. Our team dived into the complexities of our development approach throughout this case study, from understanding the client’s needs to building a resilient and scalable solution.

The Plumber App was created in response to the client’s need to correctly track each team member’s working hours on particular project assignments. Manual timekeeping became a time-consuming and error-prone activity with a distributed workforce working across many project sites. Our goal was to design a simple-to-use mobile app that could monitor each team member’s hours and give real-time statistics for convenient administration.


Plumber App


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plumber app

The Plumber App has a number of useful features, such as the ability to import and manage users for streamlined administration, a timesheet management system for keeping track of working hours, a job management system for maintaining projects organized, and a straightforward mobile app interface for clocking in and out on the go.

What The Client Wanted

Moreover, the job management tool enables seamless work assignment and tracking, assuring smooth project execution and optimal resource allocation. Besides, the mobile app’s user-friendly UI enables field employees to easily track their time by clocking in and out using their mobile devices.

Admin to import and manage users.

Timesheets management

Job management

Logtime via mobile app (clock in/clock out)


We had to determine the valid timesheets by employee location.


Our technical team built in geolocation tracking so that the software knows exactly where an employee is when they clock in and leave. We compared some conditions to detect the valid timesheets:

The area of the working location with employees location 

Tracking time

Device ID & token.


This project was developed by the STS Software’s team using the following technologies:

PHP Laravel 

React Native

AWS EC2 hosting


A proficient and capable team was built to ensure timely completion of the project. The initial step involved creating a comprehensive inventory of tasks that required completion.

Subsequently, we commenced the process of identifying individuals with the requisite skills to execute said tasks.

Build A Team

It was crucial that everyone on the team know how their work fits into the bigger picture. The idea was to get everyone on the same page about when things needed to be done and what should come from their efforts.

We then conducted a thorough analysis of the requirements. Gaining an understanding of the client’s objectives and requirements with regards to schedule, budget, and preferred technologies was deemed vital.

It was necessary to bring in outside help in order to set up a functional team structure. The STS Software’s team built a system that facilitates effective team collaboration and communication using project management software, online message boards, and video conferencing software.

The project’s success largely depended on the team’s ability to define its scope, set specific goals, build a thorough strategy, identify and mitigate risks, create a workable timeline, and track development as it unfolded.


STS Software is a software development company that focuses on serving business clients by creating apps that are customized to their specific needs. Our team of developers and engineers is committed to being reachable at all hours to better serve our Pacific and Asian clients. STS Software’s staff offers additional benefits, including:


Our clients could increase the accuracy with which they can estimate costs and allocate resources as a result of our pricing strategy's incorporation into their operations. The progress of the project was greatly boosted as a result of this development.


STS Software's team applied the Agile development technique to provide frequent updates, which accelerated the client's progress toward greater technical mastery. This method enables timely releases, frequent updates, and early access to new features. Also, specialist teams may easily adapt their people and equipment to match the requirements of a changing project scope.


Timeliness, quality, and completeness of the final output are just a few of the areas where a dedicated team might be invaluable. In particular, a quicker go-to-market strategy is possible when the skills and experience of a specialized team are put to use throughout the product development process.


You may not need to worry about the technical details of software development and instead focus on growing your company by entrusting us with your needs. This might have a major effect on the company's development and finances if carried out precisely.

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