HealthTech is a SaaS EHR platform that received recognition for its user-friendly design, cutting-edge functionality, great customer service, and adaptability as a full mobile communication solution.

The primacy of an appropriate mobile solution in the client’s primary prerequisites is based on its capacity to provide end-users with the benefit of accessing services, data, and support directly from their mobile devices. Upon successful integration of the aforementioned features, the resultant outcome would be an optimized user experience, enhanced user engagement, and streamlined personalized user journey.

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What The Client Wanted

The requirement is to build a platform that facilitates seamless communication, information transfer, appointment scheduling, and healthcare news updates between doctors and patients. The application is expected to function as an intelligent personal assistant.

Furthermore, it is imperative that the client fulfills the subsequent prerequisites to reap the benefits of our STS Software’s outsourcing solutions:

Key Features:

Managing appointments;

Following up on patient information;

Messaging, video calling, and audio calling with the group or individual other people (doctor or patient);

Following up on healthcare news;

Reminding doctors, and patients about coming up appointments, plans, or other things;

Signing the document;

API development to facilitate seamless integration of disparate systems.


A user interface facilitating streamlined management and monitoring of client subscriptions is required by the customer support team.

The design must account for users with limited IT proficiency.

The software features interactive scheduling screens that allow for drag and drop functionality.

Enabling the generation of interactive PDFs on web-based applications that can be conveniently filled out using mobile applications.

The application features real-time messaging functionality, as well as push and SMS notifications.

The application supports both video and audio calls.

Implementing a comprehensive database management system to efficiently handle employee, patient, and supplier data.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)


Implementing various tenancy models across the database, server, and client-side code. 

Adopting a user-centric approach to design, leveraging feedback from non-technical users.

Leveraging SignalR for efficient real-time data handling.

Making use of Agora’s capabilities to facilitate video and audio communication.

Leveraging external libraries to manage electronic signature functionality.

Utilizing the capabilities of LUIS AI for effective natural language processing.


SQL Server 2019

React Native – Cross Platforms App Development



SignalR (WebRTC)

Artificial intelligence (LUIS AI)


Multiple tenancy concept


Build A Team

Performing a comprehensive analysis of the requirements: Understanding the client’s business objectives, project scope, preferred technology stack, timelines, and budget is crucial.

Structure of the team: This might involve multiple stakeholders, including Software developers, QA specialists, UX/UI designers, Project managers, and other relevant roles. 

Implementing a robust system for seamless collaboration and communication within the team: STS Software utilized various software tools such as project management applications, online discussion boards, and video conferencing programs.

Agile development methodology: We utilized an agile development methodology, such as Scrum or Kanban, to facilitate continuous improvement, frequent feedback, and ongoing enhancement.

Project management: This included defining project scope, setting goals and objectives, creating a project plan, identifying and managing risks, establishing a project timeline, and monitoring progress. Effective project management was essential for delivering high-quality software products on time and within budget.

Implementing periodic reporting: This encouraged maintaining a sense of transparency and coherence across the entirety of the project.

Progressive enhancement: We conduct periodic assessments of the team’s performance, pinpoint opportunities for optimization, and execute remedial actions to bolster efficacy and output.


STS Software team and the Client have initiated internal daily meetings to streamline the deployment of daily work reports since the project’s inception.

Bi-weekly, the client-side and STS Software teams convened for a review session to showcase deliverables and gather feedback.


The implementation of our pricing plan has enabled our clients to enhance their cost forecasting and resource allocation accuracy. The project's production witnessed a significant surge due to this development.


Given the intricacy of our methodology, we can assure our clients a favorable return on investment (ROI) of 100%.


The agile development methodology employed by the team facilitated prompt modifications, enabling the customer to swiftly enhance their technical proficiency.


The utilization of a dedicated team for your project can expedite timelines, product development, and deployment.


By outsourcing the software development needs to us, you can focus on scaling your businesses without worrying about the technical details. If executed with precision, this has the potential to significantly impact the organization's expansion and financial performance.

Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline