Our Challenges

Get passed customer target:

  • 1.000.000 visitors per second
  • 2.500 online users
  • 10 trades completed per second
  • All pages must render below 5s, all action must execute below 3s
  • UI/UX must 100% like the design on the mobile, desktop, tablet, and on all browsers (Some special likes: UC browser…)

Protect user info, user wallet by all common attack methods

Need to understand about Bitcoin network and cryptocurrency exchange

Customer rebrands website with new look & feel

Deadline very shoot but the quality must good

China's government blocks some Google services

Need to research and config all Amazon cloud services

Multi threads on multiple servers access the same data to modify/get data


Build solution based on microservice architecture

Split application to the module to lazy loading

Optimize code, restructure component, database and apply best practice

Move all needed data to Redis cache cluster to speed up read side

Apply Rabbit MQ to speed up write side

Research and study Amazon cloud services, Coin service, Bitcoin network

Control task, member, sprint, and the deadline by SCRUM model and YouTrack tool

Use Memcache and Redis cache to store data for a while (2s), then a background job will collect and process data later

Use another service that can run well in China


Deposit, withdraw, transfer cryptocurrency

Buy/sell Bitcoin and other alt coins

Protect user wallet and other attack methods by using 2FA

Referral program for user by level

Handle dispute when make a trade

Real time data update

Highload system

Online support 24/7

Provide a new way to buy/sell bitcoin

Chat between 2 users and supporter

Admin can control fee, limit and other settings real time

Verify user info

Full responsive website

Multiple language

  • ASP.NET core 2.1
  • Amazon cloud service (RDS, Multi deployment A-Z, Docker)
  • Load balancing
  • Scalable system
  • Microservices 
  • Angular 5
  • Zendesk integration 
  • SQL server 
  • Bitcoin network
  • Stress test by Jmeter 
  • Redis cache cluster
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Unit of work
  • Database cluster
  • SignalR 
  • Multi thread 
  • YouTrack

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