The similarity between the mobile app and its web counterpart can only be guaranteed by using a single source code. Thus, it doesn’t matter if a user is using the app from a mobile device or a desktop computer, they’ll enjoy the same, smooth experience. The necessity for two teams to work on distinct codebases is removed, as are the associated inconsistencies and issues.

Similarly, for the ARB Australia project, the client’s codebase was quite comparable, and it had been used with Ionic and Angular before, but it had not been maintained. And because the client requested software development with only one single code, STS Software did not have to split the development team into two or have to worry about inconsistencies and errors that might occur from having to maintain two different codebases.

Our client also requested an automated CI/CD pipeline for application delivery, and they planned to make the transition to Oracle Cloud very soon. Hence, having a modern online solution with both a mobile app and a web version built from the same source code from the client’s request also provides consistency, scalability was also increased, expenses associated with development cut, and maintenance and support were simplified.

Challenges We Encounter

The client had a restricted budget and required a versatile engagement model. We provided an Ionic app as the original reference, but we did not possess any adaptive resources.

The market trend for Ionic has been declining recently. It is uncommon for developers to remain committed to it. The system experienced performance issues and presents challenges in terms of maintenance.

The user encountered challenging experiences with the Ionic framework.

The client expressed interest in transitioning from Azure DevOps to Oracle Cloud to reduce expenses. This was a novel undertaking for our team.


The position offered a flexible work schedule and compensation would be provided on an hourly basis.

The team was hosted, consisting of a part-time DevOps professional and a React Native developer.

We considered migrating to React Native, a popular and growing technology in the market, as a replacement for the current Ionic app version.

The DevOps role was provided by STS Software to facilitate the building of a pipeline and conduct research on Oracle Cloud.


Specifically, the STS Software team utilized the following technologies for the project:

React Native

Rest API

Azure DevOps

Oracle Cloud

CI/CD pipeline

Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline