ActionWP Platform

ActionWP Platform
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We at STS Software are very proud of our position as a reliable business associate for Software Development Outsourcing services. STS Software is the best option for all of our clients’ requirements thanks to our extensive skill set and customer-focused approach.

This ActionWP project’s objective was to modernize the active website by introducing UI improvements as well as additional functionality. We were dedicated to providing technical solutions that contribute to the success of our client by using our considerable expertise, technical competence, cost-effectiveness options, quality assurance, Agile methodology, and excellent communication skills.

ActionWP Platform
Challenges We Encounter

Due to the wide range of product information, the website often displayed the incorrect information.

There was no staging environment.

Constraints imposed by the framework made customization laborious.

The sluggish loading times caused by several changes to the base structure.


Increased the communication and collaboration with the client side to ensure a successful end-result.

Paid close attention to the material.

Built a fresh staging area for all future testing and development to take place in.

Quickened the site’s load time using caching and optimization.


Product Page: Update table view to display the product details

Update My Account : Allows users to update their account info, existing user login.

Order Notifications: Receive notification for order detail.

Check out: Allow guest checkout and login with account.

Abandoned cart: Reminder email for abandoned cart.

Auto calculate the shipping fee based on the customer’s location.


To be more specific, the STS Software team put the following technologies:



Let’s Talk

Together with our developers and analysts, we begin by discussing and analysing our client’s needs, sketching the outline