Simply DMS

The current document management system (DMS) was developed by a team quite some time ago. The current system has not been maintained or updated by a dedicated group.

As a result, a new system that was dubbed Simply DMS (Document Management System) would be developed with capabilities that are already present as well as new upgrades to accommodate the most recent requirements from the Client.


Simply DMS



simple dms

When it comes to the effective administration, storage, and retrieval of company documents, a document management system (DMS) is an indispensable tool. There are several advantages to having a single location to store important company papers including contracts, invoices, reports, and paperwork for projects.

A powerful DMS boosts output thanks to simplified document processes. It helps personnel find what they need without wasting time digging through dusty filing cabinets or antiquated computer systems. Specifically, requirements and data privacy concerns may be met with the help of an up-to-date DMS. Businesses may prevent hacking of data, and preserve confidential information.

In order to get prompt and efficient assistance from our team and to fulfill the following remaining criteria, the client resorted to STS Software to get prompt and efficient help from our team, with the following outstanding requirements and main features:

1. The successful deployment of the new system to be imperative, and it should be user-friendly for clients to operate without significant glitches.

2. The deliveries adhered to the predetermined project schedule.

3. All features must function as intended with satisfactory or superior performance.

4. The system to be designed and developed with a focus on scalability, usability, and maintainability.

What The Client Wanted

Main Features:

Login, logout

Upload document

Fill the required info of the uploaded file

Search by file name, text in content

Filter by properties

Document preview

Export Documents

Delete/Remove uploaded document

Users management (create/edit/delete)

Folder Configuration

Field Configuration

Preset data values (Create/Edit/Delete field value)

Permission: manage access by Folder


There was more pressure to produce high-quality work within a compressed timeframe because of the little amount of time available to finish the job. And this might pose potential risks, including but not limited to hastened decision-making, heightened stress levels to the project’s overall quality.

The introduction of a new team posed a challenge, also. The formation of a new team might result in a period of adjustment as team members familiarize themselves with each other’s work methods, communication inclinations, and expertise in a particular field.

The lack of a user interface (UI) design presented a substantial obstacle. The aforementioned scenario could result in repetitive cycles, additional work, and possible discrepancies between the client’s anticipated outcome and the ultimate deliverable.


In order to address the issue of a limited timeframe, we implemented efficient project management techniques: decomposing the project into smaller, achievable sub-tasks, establishing feasible checkpoints, and giving priority to essential functionalities.

The task of managing a new team necessitated the creation of a cooperative and encouraging atmosphere. The establishment of trust and the development of solid connections among team members were facilitated through promoting direct interaction, and offering possibilities for knowledge sharing.

To tackle the lack of a user interface design, it was essential to engage the services of UI/UX specialists at the outset of the project. Teamwork could facilitate the establishment of a well-defined design direction, creation of wireframes for critical screens, and collection of feedback


This project was developed by the STS Software’s team using the following technologies:

PHP Laravel 

React Native

AWS EC2 hosting


A proficient and capable team was built to ensure timely completion of the project. The initial step involved creating a comprehensive inventory of tasks that required completion.

Subsequently, we commenced the process of identifying individuals with the requisite skills to execute said tasks.

Build A Team

It was imperative that all team members possess an understanding of how their individual tasks and responsibilities contribute to the overall objectives and goals of the project. The objective was to ensure that all individuals were aligned on the deadlines and deliverables expected of them.

We then conducted a thorough analysis of the requirements. Gaining an understanding of the client’s objectives and requirements with regards to schedule, budget, and preferred technologies was deemed vital.

In order to establish an effective team structure, it was imperative to involve additional parties. The STS Software’s team utilized project management software, online message boards, and video conferencing software to construct a system that promotes efficient team collaboration and communication.

An agile development methodology such as Scrum or Kanban was utilized to ensure consistent feedback and continuous improvement throughout the project. 

The project’s success was dependent on defining its scope, establishing clear objectives, drafting a comprehensive strategy, identifying and mitigating risks, setting a realistic schedule, and monitoring development progress throughout the project.


From project initiation, STS Software and the Client have been conducting daily internal meetings to enhance the efficiency of daily progress updates communication. The team’s consistent meetings facilitated effective communication, streamlined information exchange, and expedited problem-solving. Increased efficiency and productivity can be achieved by reducing misunderstandings and expediting decision-making processes.

Besides, Bi-weekly sprint meetings were conducted to facilitate the exchange of work progress and feedback between the client-side team and STS Software. Sprint meetings were created with the objective of optimizing the workflow to achieve higher productivity within a shorter time frame. The process enabled iterative development, encouraged adaptable approaches, and facilitated prompt adjustments to meet changing project requirements.


STS Software is a software development company that specializes in delivering customized applications to its corporate customers. Our team takes pride in its ability to customize our services to meet the unique needs of each individual client. The group of Developers and Engineers is dedicated to providing round-the-clock availability to enhance our client services in the Pacific-Asia region. STS Software’s staff offers additional benefits, including:


The implementation of the pricing strategy has resulted in improved cost projections and resource allocations, as reported by clients. The project's output has significantly increased as a result of this modification.


The complexity of our process enables us to guarantee our customers a full return on their investment.


The client experienced a significant improvement in their technical capabilities after just a few iterations of changes due to the team's implementation of an agile development approach.


The client experienced a significant improvement in their technical capabilities after just a few iterations of changes due to the team's implementation of an agile development approach.


You may not need to worry about the technical details of software development and instead focus on growing your company by entrusting us with your needs. This might have a major effect on the company's development and finances if carried out precisely.

Let’s Talk

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